Toutie codes for some great websites! 30% off!

  1. I've only heard of Active Endeavors but thanks!!!
  2. Do you know if this applies to sale/clearance items?
  3. No I do not know, but I think if you try it and it doesnt work you can assume that it's not good for sale/clearance.
    I DO know that Active Endeavors does not allow codes with sale merchandise for sure.
  4. This is great. Thanks for posting. But on the toutie site it says that the codes are good through Friday, February 8th. Friday is the 9th (right?). Do you think they mean Friday or the 8th? :s
  5. thanks for the post!

    free shipping on all sites (with restrictions), except for le train bleu and karizma.
  6. They fixed it. It ends on Friday the 9th. ;)
  7. Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. I emailed Testimo to see if the TOUTIE30 code was valid for sale items. It isn't, but there is a code for an additional 20% off clearance items.

  9. Thanks for sharing! I purchased a Kooba today for 30% -- and no sales tax! Woo-hoo!:yahoo:
  10. I used the code to get a pair of COH jeans from Actice Endeavors for $100. Free shipping and free returns on that site. Thanks!
  11. fyi revolve is also matching the 30% off! just give them a call and ask them to match it...the usual brands are excluded - kooba, 7s, COH, TR, hudson, etc.