Tous Jewelry

  1. Opinions?
  2. I'm reviving this thread!

    I bought a Tous necklace in Grand Cayman last December - a simple, petite silver teddy bear on a chain. So cute! But for some reason I find myself reaching for my Tiffany's necklaces more. I did notice that when I wore it, friends/coworkers would look at it, but didn't say anything. I think the Tous brand just isn't that well-known yet (at least here in Norcal), which is okay because I wear things for myself, not others!

    I will say that the one person who knew what it was was a coworker who travels to Europe/Asia frequently. She recognized it immediately! :P
  3. I haven't actually heard of this brand, not that that's surprising, I live in Queensland, Australia - it's not very 'global'!

    Do they have a website?

    They are a spanish brand, I really like their leather goods too (jewelry AND handbags? Awesome!)
  5. Tous is great ! Their jewelry is quite artistic and very unique. I especially love their bags, they are TDF. It's a very popular and high class brand in Spain (I know cuz my grandmother is from there). They started selling only in Latin countries, that's why it stayed pretty exclusive for quite some time. But now they're selling in other countries too i think. Unfortunatly there are already fakes being sold (of the bags that is).
  6. Tous is the European jewelry from Spain, for those in the know. It is totally cool and beautiful. It has a European flair to it. My 15 year old daughter and I love it. It is just starting to filter into the U.S. -- I believe they just opened a store or two in New York City. But it is a big deal in Spain and all over Latin America. Definitely check it out. I bought a beautiful silver and pearl long necklace that is very Chanel like, with large abstract rose designs... Hard to describe but a great piece that travels well.
  7. it's way too cutesy for my tastes, especially all the stuff with flowers and teddy bears, but i do like a couple of their pieces. i like the big duna rings (wouldn't mind one in citrine) but mostly because they remind me of pomellato
  8. Tous has very cute designs ... but seems to "young" for me IMHO. It's huge in Spain, well, no wonder since it's a Spanish brand.
  9. i love their wallets and clutches. designs range from sophisticated to fun!

    conclusion? I heart TOUS (the little bear too!)
  10. I think the bear necklaces are cute. I don't have any pieces myself but I peek in the windows when I'm walking by the store.
  11. At first I thought that bear pendant had big Pamela Anderson breasts. :wtf: But then I realized it was supposed to be his feet.
  12. :roflmfao:
  13. I think I am too old for this Tous
  14. Tous is great!!! I have a couple of their bags and a lot of their jewelry!! They are not very popular here in the US but since I'm from Puerto Rico that's how I know them. I love it and their summer collection of bags is great. I will have to break my oath to buy new Tous bags!!
  15. That's what I thought at the beggining but they have more than teddy bears. You will love it!