Tous bags, have anyone seem them?

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  1. They are made in Spain and are fabulosas!!
  2. Have any pic's?
  3. here's the pic

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  4. What are they made out of? Canvas?
  5. yep, from canvas. you can see the whole collection at their website, and they have a few stores in US. Their price range I think is from 350.00 to 800.00 dollars or so.
  6. I would have to see them in person. These pic's aren't enough for me to make a decision.
  7. I agree. Because they are from Spain, they are kind of difficult to find and the brand is not that old. Just a new thing to share with you, girlas!
  8. I have a very small collection of TOUS, I love it. Maybe I can take pictures of them next time.
  9. I have a TOUS bag in the red suede material with the bears on it. I got it on sale for $25. at TJ Maxx. It seems to be well-made and is cute looking.
  10. They come in leather and canvas. The colours change each season.

    I think there are quite a few shops in the US - definitely one in San Antonio. Their jewellery is even nicer.
  11. I'm reviving this thread!! Has anyone bought Tous lately??
  12. I live in Mexico and TOUS is a big status item down here. The rich and the beautiful carry TOUS. There is a great TOUS shop in Cancun. Jewelry and all sorts of accessories. I personally have never liked the handbags, but the jewelry is lovely. I have a TOUS umbrella too.
  13. I have one bag and 3 pieces of jewelery I love it.. the bags are a bit on the heavy side, well mine is but they are very nice and well made
  14. Arrgh. Sadly, as TropicalGal put it, they are the next big thing here. Lately everyone's carrying one. And I hate them!! It's like they're trying to make them the next It bag and is so not going to happen. I'm sorry to the fans, I don't mean to offend you. I just personally dislike these bags. A hug.
  15. I just love Tous both handbags and jewelry.:tup: