Tous bags, have anyone seem them?

I agree. Because they are from Spain, they are kind of difficult to find and the brand is not that old. Just a new thing to share with you, girlas!
I have a TOUS bag in the red suede material with the bears on it. I got it on sale for $25. at TJ Maxx. It seems to be well-made and is cute looking.
I live in Mexico and TOUS is a big status item down here. The rich and the beautiful carry TOUS. There is a great TOUS shop in Cancun. Jewelry and all sorts of accessories. I personally have never liked the handbags, but the jewelry is lovely. I have a TOUS umbrella too.
Arrgh. Sadly, as TropicalGal put it, they are the next big thing here. Lately everyone's carrying one. And I hate them!! It's like they're trying to make them the next It bag and is so not going to happen. I'm sorry to the fans, I don't mean to offend you. I just personally dislike these bags. A hug.