1. I plan on going to Tourneau for the first time this weekend in Boston. I was wondering if it is possible to negotiate prices with them. Any other comments on them would be great too :smile: ! TIA!
  2. My mom just bought a beautiful new Tag at the Tourneau in San Jose. I don't believe they negotiate prices, but they do take trade ins. The salesman told us it's generally best to upgrade to a watch 2.5 times the price of your current one for the trade in. Good luck, and happy shopping!
  3. i was under the impression they did negotiate prices......

    i was considering buying a technoarine that was around $3,000 (can't remember the exact price this was almost a year ago) and a cute SA came up to me and told me he could give me a better price than the one that was marked :yes:
  4. ^ I've heard the same thing, and if I remember correctly, the biggest discount they'd give is 10%.
  5. The higher the price of the watch, the more you can negotiate. Especially if you are a return customer. OR if you got a better offer from a competitor. OR if you're buying more than one. We shop Tourneau all the time.

    Good luck!!
  6. You can negotiate the price a little, but it also depends on the brand.
  7. You can negotiate & payment plans interest free.
  8. I think you can sometimes get them down on price. It also depends on the brand.
  9. I was able to get them down about $350 on my Cartier Tank.
  10. It depends on which store your at, and what brand you want.......

    if you have any questions, feel free to ask (I'll try to answer as best I can without getting in trouble).....I've been with the company for 10 years.
  11. It is a fantastic company...I just bought a watch from their Scottsdale store a few months ago.

    HIGHLY recommend them!
  12. they do discount and wont go lower than 10% for the cartier tank i was looking at.....with factored in tax, its less.
  13. If you are a return customer you will get a better price.

    Good Luck!