Tourmaline or New light grey

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Tourmaline or New light grey

  1. Tourmaline

  2. New light grey

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  1. Ladies,
    Which colour looks better for small convertible bag in your opinion?

  2. Yikes! That's a tough question! Both colors are very pretty. But a bag can be sooooo much better in one color over the other.

    After typing this, I'll vote grey. I LOVE tourmaline but I am just thinking the convertible looks nice in a lighter shade.
  3. I didn't even know the small convertible came in tourmaline! There's a gray one on ruelala.
  4. I'm totally biased! Gray, gray, all the way!
  5. I vote for gray!
  6. Since i saw one in tourmaline last week, i can't get that colour out of my head.

    But i got bags in prusse and atlantic in my smallish collection and I feel i'm lacking variety by not owning wonderful BV gray. NLG seems like a great neutral shade.
  7. Even though I love tourmaline, I think this bag would look better in nlg.
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