? Tourette, OCD?

  1. OK, not sure where to start. Maybe this is absolutly nothing but I''m a little concerned now. A couple of mos. ago my 10 year old daughter started snapping fingers all the time. At first I didn't give it any thought but I'd be downstairs and thats all you could hear is her snapping, snapping. She plays basketball now on a team and I noticed even while on the court, ocassionally snapping. I guess it's just a stress buster for her. That wasn't too bad but in the last week I caught her controlling her stomach muscles, first pushing stomach in then right away out. It was strange! It's been a few days and I catch her doing it. While we were doing homework last night she did it and I asked her why she was doing it and was she nervous? She said she was. She does great in school but for some reason this year she is somewhat afraid of her teacher who is a yeller. She seems very nice but thats just her way. I even spoke with her a few mos. back as My d all of a sudden didn't want to go to school, etc. Teacher said she's doing wonderfully. Anyway, I googled the stomach thing and came up with "stomach tic, Tourettes syndrome". Now I'm sort of freaking out. I feel like its something that may pass but wondering if anyone else ever went thru this or heard of this? Should I just let her continue this? I told her last night to try to relax and get out of this habit.
  2. I would give it some time and not say anything more yet, as if she is anxious pointing it out and encouraging her to "stop" may actually increase her anxiety. The finger snapping may be a type of self stimulation, sort of like thumb sucking. Since this snapping does not do any harm to her (like pulling out eyelashes, or picking skin) there is no worry about doing harm, if that makes sense. I might talk to her teacher (if her teach is good) and ask the teacher to observe her and report back how often she does the finger snapping. As for the stomach thing, it does not sound like any Tourette's symptom I have ever seen, and honestly does not sound Tourettes like. Has any other behavior changed, like sleep, appetite, etc?
  3. No appetite and sleep the same. Thats a good idea though to have the teacher keep eye on her. Thanks!
  4. Hmmm. Well, watch her for a few more weeks and see if it gets worse, better or no change. See what the teacher says, but don't focus on it with your daughter as it might increase her anxiety..and PM me if you feel it is getting worse and warrants a higher level of attention and perhaps I can help you find the proper healthcare professional.
  5. ok, thanks irishgal! Good to know
  6. It could be Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. My daughter has it. She used to twirl the hair for about 6 months. Before she put her hair in her mouth for about 8 months which is when we cut the hair too short for her to do it. Now her hair is long and beautiful and she does not mess with it at all. Sometimes she walks in small circles (only at home) and this happens maybe 2-3 times every other day and lasts a few seconds to a minute. My friend has a son who snaps his fingers one hand then the other, sometimes he has to tap his leg too. But it is a routine and in order. She doesn't let it bother her and does not make a big deal of it but she has told me he is afraid of his teacher who was a yeller. So maybe that is his way to cope. My daughter had stomach problems for a year before we finally went through so many tests and found nothing wrong and medication helped her so much. I feel she needs therapy for her OCD but her doctors feel we can wait it out and see because they don't think she does. She had a major germ thing going on but this year in school she has no problem. She made major improvements with the germs but is very upset to have anyone but me in her room. I guess in her mind I don't have germs...LOL She hates when people touch her personal stuff. But if you read up on OCD there is a wide range of symptoms and some just are minor and others major. I really feel like your daughter is OK and it will pass.
  7. If she is nervous about her teacher being a yeller, then I would not ask the teacher to keep an eye on her. She is going to notice the teacher looking at her more, which may make her more nervous.

    I would wait it out and see if she develops more symptoms.

    Just my 2 cents...
  8. Thanks for the replies. I was also thinking the OCD thing. I do believe it could just be a phase but just wanted to put this out there to feel better hoping it wasn't something terrible. That whole stomach thing was something I had never seen or heard of. I'll keep you posted.
  9. The most important thing...if you have to talk to her about it IMO is to be supportive and treat the 'tic' not as a problem per se but more as something you want to be there for her with, if she decides that its something she's bothered about.
  10. I don't wish to alarm you Lore but I would have an expert opinion on this right away. I have taught children with OCD & with Tourettes & done a lot of research on the subject (did a Masters on the subject & am a trained counsellor). Your daughter certainly does not seem to have any major signs of Tourettes more like OCD (stress related, but once triggered the responses can be permanent) However, in some research that I have done sufferers of OCD can have mild symptoms of Tourettes. Tourettes is not only the involuntary yelling of profanities it can manifest in very subtle ways!
    Whatever is the cause of her behaviour this can continue into adulthood if not treated. I know of one case where a young teenager used to make squeaking noises, nothing was done & now that person is an adult who has a weird & embarrassing head shaking habit.
    This may be nothing but please for your childs future get a professional opinion. If she is dealing with stress this way now how will she react as an adult when she may have major stressors in her life?
    & if her teacher is the root of the problem then complain about her, no teacher has the right to stress out a child! Too little is done about teacher bullies IMO!
    Your daughter is exhibiting repetitive behaviours to cope with stress & this cannot go untreated! Sorry if this is not what you want to hear but for the child's future good please seek professional advice, I honestly have seen the effects of untreated behaviours, some good counselling now could prevent a lifetime of embarrasment for this child. Take heart that it is not something terrible right now but a warning sign that your child needs help. She is performing these rituals to deal with the stress in her life & already one - finger snapping, has lead to another - stomach movements! Please do not let this go unattended!
    PM me anytime you like!