Tour the NEW house w/me!!

  1. Heyy ya'll!! We had the walk through today to go over all the gadgets and stuff. I took many photos so all of you could tour it with me!!

    house from street
    front door
    to the side of door
    front view
    living room
    formal stairs
    upper landing
    my office with the view
    DSC01372.jpg DSC01374.jpg DSC01373.jpg DSC01371.jpg DSC01376.jpg DSC01379.jpg DSC01381.jpg DSC01382.jpg DSC01383.jpg DSC01384.jpg
  2. oh chag, it's beautiful...congratulations!
  3. Chag, I'm so happy for you - what a gorgeous new home! I hope you guys have many, many happy years there.
  4. OMG. That place is BEAUTIFUL.

    Great new house!!!
  5. master bedroom
    view from balcony
    master bath
    DSC01386.jpg DSC01392.jpg DSC01393.jpg DSC01395.jpg DSC01396.jpg DSC01397.jpg DSC01399.jpg DSC01400.jpg DSC01401.jpg
  6. Chag!! Congrats on your new house!! :nuts: It's so grand and beautiful!! :love: So when's the house warming party huh? :graucho:
  7. one of the paintings in the bedrooms
    service stairs
    front balcony
    family room
    DSC01405.jpg DSC01406.jpg DSC01411.jpg DSC01416.jpg DSC01418.jpg DSC01419.jpg DSC01420.jpg DSC01421.jpg DSC01422.jpg DSC01423.jpg
  8. cool. the bathtub is soo similar to mine. loves it
  9. This is the backyard area
    steps to fire pit and water slide
    fountains and waterslide
    the little round house is the shower and changing room
    DSC01424.jpg DSC01425.jpg DSC01426.jpg DSC01429.jpg DSC01430.jpg DSC01431.jpg DSC01435.jpg DSC01437.jpg DSC01438.jpg
  10. What a beautiful house!! Congratulations!
  11. And the last I have are of the outdoor kitchen
    DSC01439.jpg DSC01440.jpg DSC01441.jpg
  12. This house is so incredible! There are gas heaters all over the patio, sound everywhere inside and out. The walls are vienetian plaster. It is just amazing!! Thanks for sharing with me!! BTW we told the kiddies about it today! They are so excited! We couldn't wait any longer!
  13. Party at Chag's new place!! :yahoo::party::drinks::wlae:
  14. wow, everything is simple beautiful. I wish you many happy memories in your new home!!!
  15. LoL!! I asked if we could have xmas at our house this year and I got a firm no heheheee! I think he is a little stressed