Touquoise paddy on

  1. There is a really neat tourquoise medium paddy on, but I am holding out for a purple one :graucho: ...the tourquoise is pretty, but I have several blue ones and don't really need this color...(I know, blasphemy!!!!) :wtf:
    Someone will buy this one though, and I think it is a really cool paddy! :supacool: Thank goodness they are still making the traditional ones! :tup:
    AGH...I think I am spelling "tourquoise" the title of this I did for sure...sorry!
  2. I love that color and the silver hardware! Purty:love:
  3. I wish they made it in the large front pocket size. Susie admitted that I just don't look very good with smaller bags.
  4. I just had a look and thinking to myself that I just *have* to get one. Also loving the "sea green" mini bay! Am loving the shades of green.
  5. I really like the turquoise too - I just can't believe it's called "aqua fresh" though! It sounds like a toilet cleaner or some kind of air freshener LOL
  6. I love the new bright Paddys-- has any body seen/felt the leather IRL?
  7. I had to laugh because I'm pretty sure there's toothpaste called AquaFresh. That's the first thing I thought of! I can't wait to see this IRL. If anyone gets one, please post pics!
  8. Saw this bag irl at boutique. I am so. 08 leather def not as great as 05 or 06.

    BTW, imon, you are right, no wonder that color sounded so familiar:
    aquafresh toothpaste
  9. ^^LOL! Aqua fresh! Actually I realized after I saw the picture enlarged at Diabro that the aqua color is not too far removed from my turquoise or "jade" Edith. I LOVE this color and the leather on my 05 bag is pretty great. I think it will be a big color for Spring according to Saks. I just don't want to think that the leather will be sub par in '08.
  10. Good find! :okay: What a funny name for the bag? I want to see it IRL! Is it more green than blue or the other way around?
  11. More blue than green. kinda of lighter shade of blue.
  12. I bought the green one on and the leather is gorgeous....the green is gorgeous too, and it's apple green, not lime like the pic looks...but I'm waiting for purple...! The "aqua fresh" is too close to my blue ones to spend over $1,500. for it. And I think that aqua is a much harder color to wear than green....:yes:
  13. Thanks, acshih! You're the go-to girl! :yahoo:
  14. Beanie,
    I know I'm not the only girl who'd love to see pictures of your Chloe. Since we're not getting into that closet, a peek sure would be nice! :p
  15. ooh beanie, by the sounds of it, you're the current 08 paddy (and 08 leather) expert! Please post pics if you get a chance, we're all dying to see!