Toughts On Denim Speedy Case

  1. Does some one own this little piece ???
    can it work as a wallet or is it too big??
    can the strap of the wapity get attached to it??? :shame:
    tnx in advance
  2. It's a bit too girly for my taste...

    I think it might be too big to use as a wallet... :sweatdrop:
  3. I have one! I needed a denim accessory and it was just too cute not to have! It does fit credit cards and cash, so it works as a mini wallet for me :smile: Not too big either IMO.
  4. It's really round and fits the palm of my hand and I didn't even know it was that big until I looked in the mirror. My dh actually liked it, he has an iPod and cellphone in it with plenty of room to spare... I don't think you can put a Wapity strap on it because the ring is not very thick and may not wear well with the strap.
  5. I like it.
  6. does it fit in your pockets?? or only inside bags???
  7. tnx so u think it is worth it :rolleyes: LOL of course you'll say yes :shame:
  8. they are going to release some denim wallets soon...the zippy and a smaller one that zips around to close
  9. Oh, doesn't fit into pockets (unless you totally smash it!) :s I keep mine inside my Neo Denim Speedy when I use it.
  10. Yes, I think it's worth it because I have a fetish for LV accessories especially when they're really cute or adorable. Because it is woven denim it seems pricey to most ppl.

    Good luck!
  11. Yes... and they miss the christmas release... I've been waiting for the wallets since September...
  12. I think the same it is a bit pricey
    but CUTE to death LOL
  13. Antonio... It really is cute even my dh said so. That's when he decided to take it from me! :sad: :smile: No matter if he likes it that makes me feel better because his taste is better than mine.
    I think on eBay there is a seller in Hong Kong that wants only $219 for this item... I can't remember the price and it was brand new... don't know if she has sold it as of to date.