Toughts about the damier Koala change purse

  1. Does anyone of you own this little piece ??
    Do u recomend it??? or is it too small?????
    toughts pls :shame:
  2. I think it is too small! But it looks nice with the press lock thing!
  3. ooh i think it is very nice, the koala clasp makes this piece stunning and i love the red interior. its a lil piece of art :smile:
  4. I like the koala pieces, but i just can't justufy the cost for something that only hold change and little else. KWIM.
  5. so would u think is better to get the wallet or the monogram koala card holder?
  6. I had one then sold it. It was an adorable piece, but too small. Not very functional. Get a bigger wallet.
  7. I bought one and returned it the next day! So cute, but just too small for my needs at the time.
  8. I have the Damier Koala. It holds 9 cc's plus has a photo ID window, but has a small change purse. I think it's very useful for a small wallet. But, if you want a wallet that can hold a checkbook as well, go for the Zippy. It's large but I love that it has a zipper - seems very safe!

    Sorry, I just realised that you were talking about the change purse vs. the wallet version of the Koala. Ok, never mind!!! But, it seems that the Koala change purse would be too small and it might be better to have a zipper coin purse. Good luck!
  9. I think it is adorable and I use a small wallet so I would love to have one :graucho:
  10. I love it, but woud rather the larger one
  11. I agree with others... I would get a bigger wallet.
  12. I love it, its the first piece that attracted me to LV. I was thinking of one myself. I love little LV goodies!
  13. ^^Might I add that my wallet has a coin purse, but I'm worried about the lining and don't want it to be heavy.
  14. It's actually a very nice piece, but rather small... so ok for coins, but not for bills and cc.
  15. get a bigger one ;) I was planning to buy that wallet, but my friend told me that she couldn't closed the wallet when it has so many things inside...(cards, cash, etc)