tough decisions...

  1. I'm planning a possible trip to the LV shop this weekend with my very understanding fiance. I think I'll be able to get something (still checking my bank acct), but it will have to be on the low end of the LV price range. After checking eLux, it's looking like my options are something like this:

    Mono Tambourin or Petit Noé
    Mono Speedy 25
    Mono Mini Sac HL or Multi Mini HL

    My train of thought goes something like this: I like the Tambourin shape/size, but worry that the bottom buckle would be impractical. I kinda fell in love with the Petit Noé after seeing that awesome photo of it on LV_addict! The Mono Speedy is a classic, but I already have Damier 25...but I've put it away for fall because it's so dark. The minis are ohhhh so adorable and would be great for just going out to dinner.

    What do the experts think? Is there something different in this general price range I should consider? I'm usually a very casual girl, so whatever I choose would have to work with jeans.
  2. My vote is petit noe!! You already have some nice choices, no need to add to the confusion you will already get when you are in the store!! Have fun!
  3. Try them on...get the feel of it. My vote is noe..
  4. I would vote Noe too. But maybe something in Epi? Or how about the Mini Denim Pleaty? It's sooooo cute!!
  5. I'd go with the Petit Noe. Also you can never have too many Speedies. I have four: Mono Speedy 25 and 30, Damier Speedy 25, and Red Epi Speedy 25.
  6. My vote is for the Mono Speedy 25 :yes:
  7. Speedy 25
  8. I vote for the Noe!
  9. Since you've got a Damier Speedy, I'd go for the Petit Noe.
  10. Lucky you! I love the Petit Noe in Epi leather.
  11. I am torn between the mono speedy and the noe!
  12. Personally, I'd go for a tote bag since you have a handheld bag already. There's the noe, but also you should take a look at the cabas piano and the batignolles horizontal/vertical.

    I think the shape of the tambourin is cute, but it's kind of pricy for a small bag.
  13. Go for the noe, I have a 25 and the petit noe has edged it out for my everday bag-it's the most bag for the price range.
  14. Petit Noe- it's a gorgeous peice- and much more original than the speedy.
  15. the speedy!