Tough Decisions! Help a Minkette!

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What should a brown bag lover get?

  1. Fawn Devote

  2. Chocolate Woven MAB

  3. Chocolate Nikki

  4. Don't be silly...ALL OF THEM!!

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. OK, so here goes...

    Many of you may know I have a sick obsession with brown bags. I get excited for different shades of brown, not bright, fun colors! After seeing Stelladog's GORGEOUS Fawn Devote I don't know what to do with myself. I have been drooling over her pics non-stop since she posted them. :drool::drool:

    I have on pre-order a Chocolate Woven MAB and a Chocolate Nikki. I was planning on only keeping the one I liked better. Both are very nice bags. Bags that I would love to have. But I don't need all three - even though I want all three.

    I ALSO happen to have a 25% discount with RM, so I would be ordering directly from them. (Keeping fingers crossed)

    Big question: Which do I get? I think its really between the Devote and the MAB right now. DAMN STELLADOGS PICTURES!!!!! They really threw a wrench in the works. :P But I have never personally seen or tried on the Devote, what if I hate it?! And what about the woven...I was kind of on the fence about that one, but I just don't know anymore. I'm rambling now.

    HELP! All opinions are welcome. WWRD? (What would Rebecca do?) LOL
  2. actually... I would go with the Devote and the MAB... the Nikki and Devote are too similar in style to have both, and I definitely vote DEVOTE on this one!!!

    Glad you're loving the photos (or sorry?? LOL)

  3. Definitely go with the Woven MAB, and Fawn Devote. I know you will find a Choco. Nikki on the Bay at some point.
  4. ITA with both Stella and Tx Honeybe3...I get the sense that the Fawn Devote is going to be even harder to come by in the long run than the Choco Nikki...and the shape is gorgeous!

    PS: Stella, your pics (and RM's incoming automated CS!) have totally screwed up my bag plans, too. I was going to try and skip the Devote but looks like no such luck, lol...

    PPS: WWRD? I :heart: IT!!!
  5. I think I am pretty much over the chocolate Nikki.

    My gut is saying go Devote, I think I'm just scared that it won't look good on my for some reason. :shrugs:
  6. You can return it tho, right?
  7. Still-Why do you think the Devote wouldn't look good on you?
  8. The woven and the Nikki are pre-orders through LB, so I could return them. The Devote I would buy through RM as I have a 25% off coupon credit. So that would be nice and another point for the Devote. But that would apply for any bag I purchase through RM.
  9. No real reason other than I haven't seen and tried one on.
  10. I vote Devote!
  11. Devote! Stella's pics have me convinced...
  12. I, like you, have a major brown bag addiction! I say keep the mab and get the devote. That fawn is just beautiful!
  13. ahem ahem!! I knew this thread was about another brown bag before i even opened it :lol:

    I would say get the fawn devote. Its a gorgeous shape and style that I am falling more in love with over the Nikki!

    As far as the chocolate MAB- i wouldn't get it just because you have a Mocha one, and if you had to reach for a brown MA then one of those two would get neglected!
  14. I vote DEVOTE!
  15. Thanks everyone! I am like 90% sure that I am getting the Fawn Devote. I am talking with Codi about it, I'm just scared to order from! :sad:

    I want a smooth, stress free transaction where I receive a bag in perfect condition at the end!! Not too much to ask, no? :confused1: