Tough Decision!!

Which should I buy?

  • Glace Elvin

  • Porte-Document Geant

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Nov 18, 2006
Las Vegas, Nevada

I just discovered a Glace Elvin (Discontinued) in new condition offered via an online LV resale favorite that I have regretted not purchasing when it was first being offered via wait list a year ago.

However, I was going to purchase the Porte-Document Geant later this month - Which one would you choose?? This is a really tough decision for me as I love both pieces, but my spending has been out of control lately and I need to slow it down.


Wanna be Bunny!
Jan 11, 2007
Can you post pictures? For those of us that are not familiar with those pieces please! I say go with whatever your heart says though. Also is the Porte-Document Geant something that is always going to be around? If so I'd go for the discontinued item first. Hope that helps!