Tough Decision- Please Help

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I'm deciding on selling my Chanel cambons, a lot of them, half my moms and half mine and one signature chanel bag. But all of these haven't been used at all, since we used the reporters. I have provided pics from the internet, (got them from ebay from a couple of sellers) of what I have an will upload my own pics tomorrow. Which ones should I sell and which should I keep. Please Help, it's a hard decision.:confused1: Thanks in advance.

    Cambon Bucket:

    in Pink, with black CC

    in black with patent black CC

    in white with Snakeskin CC

    Cambon Camera Bag:

    White with Snakeskin CC

    Cambon Waist Bag:

    White with Snakeskin CC

    Signature bag - (I think thats whats its called)

  2. Did you pay retail (before the sale) prices? Did you use them?

    Keep the ones you really love and will get the most use of. Alternatively, you might end up selling the one's that don't have as high a resale value.
  3. Yup paid retail for all of them. In fact, bought them when they first came out, But never used any of them, since I just used the reporter. The others were small for me.
  4. I'd sell the last one personally. Looks like an overnight bag for make-up/cosmetics to me.
  5. I agree with Swanky. It's also not the most attractive bag I've seen.
  6. I think you should sell all three to get something (or somethings) you are seriously in love with and will not want to let go.
    If you want to keep one, I vote for keeping the white reporter. Hope this helps :smile:
  7. Actually thinking of selling 5 Chanel bags, 4 of which are Cambons....

    Pink (as seen above)
    Black with Black CC

    The Camera Bag as seen above

    The Waist Bag/Pouch
    White with the Snakeskin

    Signature Bag as seen above, the last one.

    So hard to part with, but its been sitting in the closet for months, I mean, some of them for a year.... I think. Always thinking that I will use them someday.
  8. It sounds like you already made your decision =)
  9. Sell the last 2 (of the pics posted)..
  10. I think if you haven't worn any of the bags in over a year, it's time to let them go. I would suggest selling all of the bags you mentioned. That way you get some money back to buy bags you'll LOVE and want to use all the time, AND the bags find a new home where they'll hopefully be used.

    Good luck with your decision!!!
  11. After Careful Consideration, I have decided to sell the White Cambon Camera Bag. Another question, when did this design come out, the one with the snake skin logo?
  12. ITA! Don't get rid of the pink, since it's discountinued.