Tough decision! Noce or Ebano?

  1. Hi everyone,
    I am ready to get a medium veneta. Initially wanted a ebano for the medium veneta as I thought it can carry me to semi-formal occasions as well. But now, I am thinking if I should save ebano for a larger bag, perhaps the large veneta or large campana in the future and get the medium in noce?
    What do you all think?
  2. Go straight for the large Ebano!! The medium IMO is a little too small. The large is just the right size. In fact, the large veneta is like THE PERFECT BAG! That'll be my choice anyway. Congrats on your decision!! So when will we be hearing the good news and seeing the pictures??
  3. I don't have any insight on the medium versus large issue, but on the colour issue I'm a really big fan of noce (also known as the colour of my beagles' ears...)
  4. i tried on the large in the shop and i felt that it was a little too big for me...:sad:
  5. Both colors are wonderful but I would pass on the medium too and go right for the large.
  6. kopibaby, I thought your carmino is a large? So noce or ebano for medium?
  7. Large ebano! The medium lives a bit too close to your armpit especially with a heavy coat or jacket.
  8. spendalot, my carmino is a medium.

    syma, i had no problems with the medium under my arm coz we dont wear thick jackets in sg :p
  9. Kopibaby, Woah...your Carmino looks big in your action pics thats why I thought its a large.

    Syma, I would love to wear coats and jackets but no fat chance of that here in hot, hot, hot singapore!

    I have too many big bags and its time for a smaller hobo :smile:
  10. Definetely a good point. If you wear dark brown more in the winter like I do the medium veneta does not quite comfortably under your arm fit if you wear a heavy coat. I returned my ebano medium veneta for that reason, but if you see yourself wearing it all year round you should get plenty of use out of it.
  11. Both colours are gorgeous. You can't go wrong with either. My first ever BV was a large veneta in ebano. At the time I didn't even consider nocce as a contender. A year later I found myself wishing I had bought the nocce. I have recently taken to wearing my ebano veneta more because everyone here always talks about how beautiful the colour is and they are right!
  12. I was just debating the same thing!! I am 5'6" and went on tried on both the medium and large veneta at my local NM. When I first put the medium on, I thought it was a little small. But, then I put the large on and it felt way too big (and I like big bags). Since I am new to BV, I think it feeling "big" was more a function of it is a new style/design to me and the larger size felt like it was "too much" for me until I get used to it. I decided to go with the medium for now (just ordered it, but don't have it yet), and imagine that eventually I will also end up with a large. I too couldn't decide between Ebano and Noce, but finally decided to go for Noce. I chose Noce because I already have a Cinnamon Balenciaga City which fills my dark brown bag need. Also, I find that I don't wear my dark brown bag too much as medium/lighter brown bags go best with my wardrobe and look good with black IMO. That said, I do eventually hope to also own something in Ebano. And, the black medium Veneta I tried on in the store was absolutely stunning! I think that these bags are sooo classic and I like that they seem to suit every age. I plan on wearing mine for a long time!
  13. I love go with either ebano or nero and definitely in large. :love:
  14. I love noce too! For me/my wardrobe it's much more wearable/seasonless
  15. Thanks everyone for your kind input.

    I will definitely go for a large veneta next time but for now, its a medium and the size is what I am looking for.
    Its difficult to choose the colours as both are classic and in the same colour family.
    But I finally went for the ebano medium veneta :yahoo: