Tough decision: Min Lin Dune or Ebene?


Min Lin Speedy in Dune or Ebene?

  1. Dune!

  2. Ebene!

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  1. I've recently fallen in love with the min lin speedy. At first I was all for the ebene because it was dark and probably easy to take care of and a good colour for Fall. But now I am leaning towards the mini lin in Dune because I just find it so beautiful lol
    I saw them both in person but still couldn't decide which one I liked more!
    So give me your arguments about which one you guys like better!
  2. i prefer the Ebene; it's a very nice color and it would go with everything. i feel like the Dune looks a bit washed out, and would get dirty too easilu
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    DUNE! :tup:
  4. Dune~!!!
  5. Ebene! I thought about this colour issue as well before I got mine. I really wanted the dune initially (it was almost my first LV!) but then I started appreciating the depth of the dark background with the golden LV's.
  6. ebene :smile:
  7. Another vote for Ebene, I love both colors, but the darkness is more versatile IMO.
  8. I lvoe my ebene mini lin speedy. Its my everyday bag, shows no wear dont have to worry about the handles and goes with everything. The color in that fabric is a soft subtle brown combination. I liked the dune as well when I was looking at which to get, the sa talked me down on the dune and up on the ebene. Theres no feet on the bottom of the speedy so you will have to be supper carful where putting your bag down and the handles. But both are beautiful IMO. Good luck!!
  9. I saw so many Ebenes and I think it looks good with jeans, but I just saw one Dune! So I think it depends what you wear but I vote for the Dune!!
  10. Ebene. I agree with Sandra, the Dune looks too washed out. I think the Ebene would be more versatile and user-friendly.
  11. Hmm this is so difficult! I like the deep, rich, dark colour of the ebene and how it looks good with jeans cause I wear them a lot. But I like the lightness of the dune....arg!
  12. Ebene, I'm going to get that next. I want my white speedy to be a Damier Azur :smile:
  13. get the ebene for now ... get the dune later on in spring!
  14. i voted ebene. it's better for a year-round bag!
  15. Dune...i saw a girl walking down the street with a dune speedy, it's just looked really nice.