Tough decision for me - please help!

  1. 1. Hermes KDT bracelet + a everyday throwaround coach tote OR

    2. LV Suahli Le Precieux

    which would you choose?? I can't make up mmy mind!! :cursing:

  2. Probably the LV!
  3. do you have pictures?
  4. KDT.jpg KDT

    coach.jpg coach

    suhali.jpg LV

    HTH and thanks
  5. Choice #1 - love the H!
  6. I vote for LV!
  7. Go for the LV.
  8. hmm tough choice but id say the LV.
  9. The LV. Definitely.
  10. The LV!
  11. Go For The Lv!!!
  12. this LV!!!

  13. Lv!!
  14. DEF the LV Suahli Le Precieux!