Tough decision: Exchange Josephine PM for Saleya GM/MM?

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  1. Help! :nuts:

    I chose my Christmas present yesterday --- the Josephine PM TST in khaki. I fell in love with it the moment I held it -- and the thought that it would not be available much longer made me want it even more...

    So now, the box is sitting under the tree, but I am having second thought about the size. The nice SA had me put the entire contents of my Cabas Piano in it to try it out for size and it seemed fine and I was even able to carry it on my shoulder, but I am usually such a BIG BAG person! The Cabas Piano even seems a little small sometimes (when shopping, etc.).

    So, my dilemma is, do I keep my beautiful discontinued forever Josephine bag or should I exchange it for a Saleya GM or MM? :confused1:

  2. i would keep the Josephine for now, because the line has already been discontinued, and you may regret exchanging it in the end. the Saleya will be there for God knows how long, so you can always get that at a later time
  3. ^Agreed. Keep the Josephine. The saleya will always be seems like a popular style.

  4. Thanks for your a matter of fact, your photo (of you with your Josephine) was one of the posts that made me interested in this bag in the first place!! :love:
  5. Sandra is right, keep the Josephine. You can always get a Saleya down the road.
  6. I agree with the other ladies, keep it! You can always get a Saleya later on.
  7. ^^^ITA. I have a josephine myself and I love it!
  8. Stick with the josephine since you may not be able to get it later. You can always get the Saleya later :smile:
  9. I vote for keeping the Josephine:heart:
  10. keep Josephine...i have one and couldn't let it go.... :smile:
  11. I'd keep the Josephine!
  12. Same here. Josephine is a keeper....:love:
  13. keep the josephine :love: .. i have the PM in pink color & i :heart: to death
  14. I love the dark blue Josephine!

  15. :yes: :yes: