Tough decision; do we go for 3?

  1. To me it was a no brainer to have two children. However, now that my kids are a bit older and getting independent (5 and 6), I have the baby urge. Part of me says that I am just getting in my "groove" now that my 5 year old goes to pre-k 3 afternoons a week ( I joined a new gym, made some new friends). However, since I have laid up with a broken ankle, I can't stop thinking about a third child. In my heart, I feel that is is meant to be to have three, but logically I know it be a challenging adjustment.

    Anyone else ever agonize over this?
  2. I'm sure that there are many people who agonize over the decision to have more children, but if you truly feel in your heart that this is the right time then I think you and your hubby should go for it :smile:
  3. Hi! I am preggie with #3 right now! I know how you feel. I have a 4 year old boy and a 1 year old little husband was like, "We have both (sexes) now, we can be done."...but I had the BABY ITCH! we just went for it...and now we are really excited! If you feel that you are physically and mentally ready for another, go for it!

    I think you may notice that it would be your easiest baby since your kids are so much older and will be gone most of the day at school. Also, this would be the third time around and you are a pro now after 2 kids! Good luck with your decision!
  4. why not? you know in your heart...if you have the calling, and the reason not to have another baby.

    i have 2...finally have my youngest in kindergarten, and i am excited not to have any babies! i know that i don't want anymore. but i think my husband wants another...
  5. Well, there are lots of reasons to have no more kids, and only the maternal instinct that wants more. So Why not? because it's adding to the over population of the world, it means your resources will be spread thinner - economical and emotional, the wear and tear on your body, your marriage, etc.

    Dh and I are done at 2 and for about a year I was thinking I wanted a third, but it wasn't rational but purely emotional yearning. To have a third child would mean we would need a larger house, a larger car and our finances would be tight for even longer. Plus, the last pregnancy was really hard on my body (developed gestational diabetes at 30 weeks, developed gall bladder problems which led to surgery to have the gall bladder removed when the baby was 11 weeks old, I discovered that my pelvic bone in the front (where joined with cartilege is broken, and during delivery I broke my tail bone - oh, and longer morning sickness (16 weeks), severe anemia, and I developed restless leg syndrome)... ALLLLLL of that should have made me say NO WAY JOSE! But, that maternal instinct is sooooo strong, it's hard to deny it.

    I'm not saying what is right for you, but do try to be rational and realize that it takes TWO to decide. I know hell would have to freeze over for DH to ever agree to it! LOL
  6. Wow, you are spot on! Whenever I get these feelings, I do need to keep things in check. I also tend to forget about PPD which I hear only gets worse with the more children you have. :sad: I agree that the world is over populated and I am one that wants to simplify my life; not add to the rat race of soccer games, brownie meetings, voluntering, etc. Thank you for your insight. I really needed a reality check. :girlsigh:
  7. I think it really depends on how your dh feels and whether your home, car and finances would be ready for it. Dh and I agreed on 3 prior to marriage, and we planned for that from day one, so we had no hesitation.

    And I do not mean to offend in any way, but it sounds like you might not have thought about it so seriously had you been able to go about your routine normally. Is this just idle thought or boredom speaking? I would wait until your ankle is healthy again and you have your routine back before deciding if a third is truly what you want. A new baby is always a huge change to your lifestyle. I was really happy to be able to get back to the gym and have a little time while my children were at school, so a new baby is a nice thought, but would really be difficult for me to adjust to.
  8. Talk it over with your husband. if you feel in your heart that your family is not complete then do it before the biological clock kicks in.