tough decision... any comments?


which one?

  1. Demin Baggy PM

  2. Demin Speedy

  3. MC Priscilla

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. DH has given me 3 choices of bags.....
    (for paris trip next month)
    i hv added my opinions abt these bags & it is a tough decision:girlsigh:

    a. Demin Baggy PM - a comfortable & convenient bag (pricey for demin)

    b. Demin Speedy - nice looking hand held bag (dunno if i should get this cos i already have mono speedy & it is pricey too)

    c. MC Priscilla - DH likes this in white. It is a nice hand held bag... i m worried if it starts to patina on the 2 stripes, front & back of the bag... it might not look as good as before.

    any comments?

    thanks for dropping by!:flowers:
  2. If you're thinking about the Priscilla I heard there was a defect with the white MC where it could start to turn yellow? (Please correct me anyone if this doesn't apply to the newer models) If I am right then I would consider the black MC instead..

    If it was my decision.. I know the Speedy is expensive but I would probably for it. The Speedy shape always wins in my book!
  3. i say the priscilla....its just hot! and oh yeah...i think when the leather changes itll still be hot!
  4. i had just come across the threads abt white MC pieces turning yellowish....
    poor pouch shown on the pic. White MC seems risky. as far as i know... the 2003 productions pieces might hv defects what abt the later years productions?
  5. For traveling I think the Baggie Pm would be the most comfortable.
  6. I vote for Priscilla, I love in white :love:
  7. Denim baggy, I have it in fuschia, the GM, its a great roomy bag that feels so comfy on the shoulder....have fun in Paris, who knows, you may find something else there, as the selection is fabulous !!!!!!
  8. I voted for the MC Priscilla .... it looks beautiful in both Black and White.
  9. My 1st vote is for a denim speedy. 2nd would be for the MC.
  10. I have both the baggy Pm & Priscilla I think the yellowing was only on older models

    Although thay are all great choices I'd say Baggy it's being/been discontinued but the others are fine for availability
  11. Actually MC does look great with patina.
  12. I voted for denim baggy pm~ I have this bag and it is great to throw around and have on your shoulder. I have used this bag all summer!
  13. I vote for the denim speedy! It is pricy, but so cute!
  14. Priscilla, Multicolor looks great with a patina on it.
  15. I love the baggy pm and the priscilla so this is a hard decision for me. I actually just went to elux and still couldn't decide. They are both gorgeous. Good Luck.