Tough choice ! Help URGENTLY needed !

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  1. ladies i am flying out to copenhagen tomorrow, must be ready at 7 am, its almost 1 am and here i am , unpacked, debating which bag to take with me for the road ... i narrowed it down to 2 and thats it i cant choose anymore... i will wear black dress, light black coat/jacket and the dior rasta pumps ( pics enclosed ) question is : shall i stick to red Dior gaucho tote ( pic enclosed ) or can i pull off the aquawork with those shoes? i dont want to wear dior rasta saddle cos that feels too matchy matchy ...what should i do ?:confused1: :nuts: I beg you help me decide i need to get going with it ! :sweatdrop:
    a961_1.jpg aquaturq.JPG gauchos&sis.JPG
  2. Love the rasta, have them myself. I vote for the work so that you aren't too matchy mathy. LOve the saddle bags btw.
  3. I vote for the work.
  4. The Work. Definitely do not go matchy-matchy with the Dior!
  5. Same!:smile: Have fun in Denmark!!:yahoo:
  6. Sorry but my vote is for the Red Gaucho bag.:yes:
  7. Me too...I vote for the red gaucho...I just had to wait til someone else voted for it. ;) I think it goes much better w/the shoes and is not too matchy matchy because the shoes are only accented in red.

    BUT...since you are posting this in the Balenciaga subforum, I can only assume that you wanted us to talk you into the if that's what your gut is telling you (to go w/the Aqua work), then GO WITH IT. You gotta make yourself happy!
  8. Shasta, vbskull, KristyDarling thank you so much ! i was almost decided after your posts when my mum chimed in ( she is looking after my place while Im away ) and without further ado packed in the work to the main suitcase and said words of wisdom " your aqua is brand new if anything happens to it with crowds and conditions at the airport , u will have the whole fun spoiled ! " so im taking the Dior as my travel purse ... and it actually looks good together !

    MarieG ... thanks hon!:heart: i will be moving over there soon i hope im gonna like this country more in spring i wasnt very impressed when i went there in winter :sad: ( but hey what can you do when the love of your life is tied up there ...)

    Nanaz - the more i look at the pumps with gaucho the more i like it !!!!

    thanks to you ladies i can now try and catch some sleep...:nuts:
  9. good decision. i was actually going to vote for the red gaucho anyway. your work is so pretty though!
  10. hihi no i meant a rasta saddle would be too matchy matchy ( check the pic :smile: ) , i was really torn between the gaucho and the work...

    then i guess i probably wanted someone to tell me that if i cant decide its ok to swap bags every 30 mins to make myself feel even better lol just kidding...;)
  11. I'm glad you went with the Gaucho. I think it's actually a more practical style for travel...
  12. The red or beige dior looks good. Wow! I really envy that you can travel in those shoes. I pretty much look like a dork with my flat shoes because I simply cannot use hight heels while travelling.
  13. I wish I had checked this last night for you! I think you made a wonderful choice on the bag - probably couldn't have gone wrong with either one!! :yes: You will look smashing today....heads will turn!!!! Have a great trip, hun!!:yahoo: