Tough choice for me....I need your opinoins!

  1. I found a aunthentic Mini Noe (in Mono) in a consignement store. I absoulutley :heart: that bag........

    But, also, my mom is exchaning her Azur Speedy for the Priscilla and I might get a Framboise Ludlow......HELP PLZ!
  2. hmmmm. id get the BAG! much more useful!
    even though you have beeen wanting a ludlow for a while, this is a deal you may not want to pass up :smile:
  3. tough choice, but i would get the framboise since 1) it will match your mini pleaty and 2) the color will soon be discontinued!

  4. Yeah I'd go for the Ludlow also.
  5. I don't know, finding a deal in a consignment store is like uncovering treasure..
    I know! get both of them!
  6. I still have to pay my mom for my mini pleaty
  7. what about if i get a Suhali cles and use that as a wallet?
  8. anybody? the suhali cles is beautiful
  9. i think i may just get a mini agenda in Vernis
  10. A pomme agenda would be beautiful and I use my sihali cles as a wallet some times. I usually only carry 2 cards and a few $$
  11. I'd get the Noe.
  12. get the brand new accesorie wich ever you decide at the store...
  13. I'd go for the Ludlow.
  14. I'd go for the ludlow before it gets hard to find.