Tough call... Opinions wanted!

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  1. I'm a poor, just-out-of-college working girl. I'm in looove w. Bal bags, but they're just not feasible w. my debt load and current salary. This auction came up on ebay and I was thinking of putting in for a $500 maximum bid. (as my me-to-me Christmas present)

    eBay: GENUINE BALENCIAGA GREY/TAUPE MOTORCYCLE HANDBAG 1749A (item 150062139233 end time Nov-28-06 14:35:54 PST)

    The handles are a bit "warm" but I love the color and I've heard that the leather is super nice ('05, right?) I definitely want a city, but I'm not sure if it's worth it. I figure a chance to own a Bal bag won't come up again until next Christmas. I'm torn! Please tell me something that will help me make up my mind!!!


  2. I was watching this auction also but what made me decide against it is the handles being so dark and if I'm going to spend that amount on this one than I might as well pay an extra $300-500 more for one in better condition. It's just preference and since you can't spend more than that it might be a good buy for you. Good Luck either way...I know you will find one!
  3. Ok. Here goes. I love taupe and yes, the leather is probably wonderful....BUT those handles are really gross. To get them restored is going to cost $$. I doubt this bag is going to end at that price. Why don't you consider a Twiggy that is in better condition? Twiggy is a great bag and you can find them at a more affordable price on ebay. But if you really love it, then go for it. But keep in mind that both artbag and LMB told me they couln't do anything about dark handles. They can clean them up a little, but those are so dark, I don't know. I think they are way beyond warmed. :yes: If you really want the City, keep watching. They turn up all the time. Just be careful, there is some freak that daily steals pics from other auctions and puts them on his. Get it authenticated here before you bid. Take it from someone (me) that ended up spending almost 2000. on 2 fakes. :sad:
  4. The handles are gross, but the leather looks really smooshy, but the handles are still GROSS!!!
  5. If you are looking to buy around the $500 range, this would probably be a good bag for you, i love the color!! And I dont think it looks too bad (in my opinion).. and plus, you could definantely clean it up a bit (btw I feel your pain, i am a student also!! eek) goodluck!
  6. I agree on the handles being too dark.

    don't settle for something, better ones with pop up on ebay
  7. Hi style baby.:smile: Bbags are definitely hard to resist, I know.:rolleyes:

    This taupe city is gorgeous. I have a twiggy myself and it's a great color.

    Even with the dark handles, I believe this city will probably go for more than $500. by auction end which you said would be your maximum bid. :sad:

    Just keep your eyes on ebay. There are deals to be had, you just have to be the lucky one who comes up on it first. Good luck in your search, you will find the bag that is meant for you. Who knows,it may be this one, so yes put your maximum bid in, it's worth it.;)
  8. The handles are gross, god only knows what people have on their hands when they use their bags.....I personally dont think women wash their hands while in a public restroom if no one else is around. uck! (I do though always) eeeeuuuuwww!

    I say hold off and dont buy this one. Another nicer one will come along with cleaner handles. Many of us have come across some awesome deals and maybe youre next!
  9. I have found some wonderful deals. Just last week, I snagged a caramel shrug for $399 that looks quite nice (reserving final judgment until it arrives). Be patient, keep watching EBay and Achtung, and your day will come. It might feel as if it won't, but it will. Really.
  10. i agree that there are many auctions that come up...don't settle entirely!!...$500 is still a lot of money to spend. i don't know if you are set on the city style but it seems like some of the Day styles go for closer to $500 depending on the condition of the bag...and it seems like the Day's have less darkening on the handle since you don't typically carry it that way. just a thought if you are trying to find a 'deal' in the future. i'd probably rather have a bag that had more dirt than dark handles since it seems spots and similar can be easier to clean sometimes than handles.
  11. ^^^^great points.:yes:
  12. oh, i love the colour, but i agree, the handles seems tooo dirty, even for me, the girl who loves used b-bags :P
  13. :shrugs:
    Everyone has given you great advice, so I won't tell you what I would do but rather tell you to go with what you think is best for you. Since everyone is different, the handles may not be an issue for you. And if you have a budget to stick to, then you have a budget to stick to. The main thing to think of is if you only have the money to get one bag, then make sure you get one that not only can last you awhile, but one that you'll love using for a long time. And everyone is deffinitely right, good deals do come up if you can catch them before anyone else does. Good luck, and let us know what you decide!
  14. Personally I would wait, put a little more money aside but it's all depending on what's most important to YOU. Good luck, whatever you decide.
  15. Well it's VERY hard to find a Balenciaga in great condition for under $500, and I doubt this one will stay under $500 so if you could get this one for $500 I would go for it. But I agree with everyone else, don't get it if the handles bother you. It's worth it to save up some more. Something better will come along.