Touched by an Angel....Lindsey from SH!

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  1. yay so i've FINALLY placed an order by calling the SH outlet and having the wonderful Lindsey help me! Now I know why everyone loves her so! She was so extremely helpful! I wanted her to check out like 6 bag styles for Inferno and Paradiso and it was so easy to go through.

    She found me my perfect Inferno Bambino and Paradiso Bambino along with a Paradiso that one didn't have my ideal placement since I wanted the girl with the yellow monkey on front, but it was next to super popular Mr. Sushi Boy lolz and that's all gone. So hopefully I love my gioco! I'm not TOO picky with that print since its all so nice!

    Oh I'm excited now! I also wanted to buy a Camo Black Caramella or Bambino but they're sold out! =( hopefully the Seattle outlets will have it! But I'll buy that later...
    5 bags coming to my mailbox (2 bought elsewhere)...

    Man seems like I always buy bags around midterms/finals week.

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  2. Lindsey is awesome, and Diane, too! They've both helped me find exactly the placement I wanted on 5 different bags, and I've been thrilled with all of them. I wish I had known about the SH outlet sooner, and that they were so good at picking placement, because I would have saved myself a bunch of money on ebay!
  3. Dianes the one who helped pick out my Inferno corriere, she's super nice.
  4. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but Seattle has NO camo. :sad: They had ONE Citta bocce, a bunch of Fumo and the rest is just Inferno and Paradiso.
  5. aww no outlets have camo then huh? i waited too long! n i could've gotten a camo angioletto for $70 yesterday but i had to be good n not go online while i studied -.-
  6. awww yay!!! gioco paradiso's are sooo cute! lindsay is really awesome :smile: im sure ur gioco will be awesome~! congrats on the inferno/paradisos.... :oP
  7. If Hawaii's got original prints now, I wonder if they'll start getting camo in... :confused1:

    In regards to you always buying bags around midterms or finals, some people eat when stressed, others buy bags. ;) I'm under a bit of pressure here myself and I caught myself poking around online for tokidoki apparel.
  8. speaking of lindsey and SH...

    my paradiso MM came in today!! i'm SO HAPPY i LOVE the placement! i'm gonna post up pics soon ;]
  9. congrats momo.chan!!
  10. congrats momo!
  11. Congratulations Stephiee! Post pics as soon as they arrive!;)
  12. We've had the OP bags here for a looooooooong time, though. Playground and Camo sold out a long time ago at our outlet, yet we still have OP left.
  13. i can confirm: no camo in seattle!
  14. did they tell you what they had left in fumo, by chance?
  15. I can look for you this weekend. :smile: I live right down the street from it.