Touareg, anyone?

  1. I hope there is a member or two out there who can help enlighten me. I'm trying to learn a bit more about the Hermes Touareg items. Are they indeed all made by a tribe in Africa? Are they only made out of silver? What all has been produced by the Touareg tribe for Hermes? Bracelets? Pendants? Charms? Other items? Pictures welcome and appreciated, too. TIA.
  2. Maggie, I'm hoping others will be more familiar with these than I am....and I'm sure you've seen the necklaces on the Luxury-Zurich website. In fact, Pete may have more information on these pieces. Have you contacted him?
  3. maggie, they're a berber tribe in north-west africa with a centuries old tradition of silver working -- being nomads a lot of it was saddle decoration and the like in addition to ornaments for humans. here's a web-page with some infor: The Tuareg and their silver jewelry

    i've seen hermes bracelets, necklaces and belt buckles.
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  7. Oh I'd like a toureg by Hermes !
  8. Silly me, I thought of the car, too...It'll be nice to have it by Hermes :p
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  10. No, they're not made in a 3rd world country, nor at the VW factory ! LOL (I got such a chuckle...)
    The tribe is from the area around Mali, that used to be a French colony.

    There are several scarves inspired by the tribe - Cuirs du Desert I & II (leather work of the tribe), Parures des Sables & Terres Precieuses (the last 2 have pictures of the jewelry) I attached a couple photos of TP.

    The scarves are a good place to start since the Hermes jewelry designs coordinate wioth what is on the scarves.

    IMHO, the Hermes jewelry is just a more expensive version of the real thing and you would do better for your money to get the real thing eg from eBay at maybe a tenth the price. The H jewelry is very nice quality, but is still Ethnic style jewelry. I love Ethnic pieces but... they do not go with as many things as well as classic pieces so, I do not spend as much on Ethnic jewelry becasue I know I will get less weear out of it

    chocolat orange 1.jpg rouge 1.jpg
  11. Marietouchet - beautiful scarves.
  12. Thanks so much to all who have posted in response to my inquiry.

    isus, I had seen Pete's listing on his website and contacting him for more information about the line and items that are produced under it is a great idea!

    DQ, thanks for the information about the tribe and the link. Very interesting!

    mariet, thanks for the additional information and suggestion about purchasing the real thing instead of the items made for Hermes, as well as posting pictures of your beautiful scarves. LOL--I own a brown Parures des Sables and had no idea it was related to the Touareg tribe.

    elizabethk and the others, now I'm laughing at myself as I had no idea that there was a car called a Touareg. Maybe I need to get out more often . . .