Tottaly bummed out!

  1. I haven't been on the forum much lately, and had stayed clear of LV, as I had planned on getting the Neverfull MM with my tax cheque. Last I heard it was high $600's.
    Now I find out its $895AU. I thought they were meant to be cheaper than a speedy?
    wahhhhhh :push:
    So not happy!
  2. :sad:
  3. Sorry...but keep saving. You'll get there!
  4. Was that high $600 AUD or high $600 USD?
  5. Sorry to hear about your dilema but if you manage to save up just a bit more, you'll be able to acquire the Neverfull.
  6. I agree ..I think that was where the mix-up was:yes:
  7. I actually forgot to add...isn't the Neverfull MM more expensive than the Speedy 25 anyway?