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    I have my first grandson due in January, and I'm sure that I will be a regular customer. I also signed up without an invitation! :biggrin:
  2. TFP! I just joined too. Congrats! DS #2 was born on 1/7. A capricorn yes...stubborn little one lol.

  3. I love this site sneezz, and will be ordering tonight as soon as Jollybaby and Elegantbaby open. And yes..capricorns are stubborn! I ought to know considering I am one! LOL! Congrats on the little one! :biggrin:
  4. Thanks Bagachondriac, it's always exciting to have a new addition in the family. You must be ecstatic since this is your first grand baby. I'm sure you will dress him/her in the cutest outfits and buy lots of toys!

    Haha you're a Capricorn too eh? I know so many, two of whom have the same birthday..they get along so well!

    I noticed they don't exactly say when the upcoming sales open, only in hours. They should fix that. Idk if it's a good thing that I signed up. I spend enough $ on those other sample sites as it is!

  5. Wow! Just checked the Chinese astrology birth chart, which I like better than Western astrology, and your DS is an ox like myself!! Just for fun, check this out!

    I've been over my handbag addiction for a while now, and I miss having packages delivered to my door almost weekly! LOL! Thank goodness my credit cards are almost paid off as I have already been compiling a list of ALL the cute baby and toddler things that I want to buy for him!

    You're right about them not listing the time. They should also give us a sneak preview of what will be up for sale! Perhaps we should email them a suggestion or two!:graucho:
  6. Omg. What a coincidence! Now funds for your old handbag addiction can be used to shower your little grandson! I know I do that! I just got DS #2 a cow costume for Halloween as it seems fitting lol.

    I am seeing some of those characteristics as he begins to show his personality. He is real serious looking. DH's best bud's 5 yr old son said "he looks mean" lol.
  7. I am tempting to place an order from Totsy. The stuff is cute. Anyone has ordered from there before?
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    Not yet, however I will have after tonight! I've been perusing their site now for a couple of months and have let some fantastic sales pass me by because I wanted to know the sex of my grandchild first! Now that I know it's a boy, I'm on a mission!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:graucho:

    sneez..My DH is forever telling me to stop looking so mean when I am only in "deep thought"!! Guess I'm going to have to stop thinking so that I don't walk around with a scowl on my face! An OX is a very serious person.....WITH A VERY SERIOUS TEMPER! LOL!
  9. thanks for the site, miss you great deal bagachondriac and I am kinda over my handbag addication too, the last bag I purchase was a RM Nikki in wine and that was last Oct.

    don't have any babies, my ds is my youngest at 10, but my brother has 7 children and this site will come in handy