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  1. Kid's on-line sale website Totsy is offering 10% off this weekend (Oct 1 - 3).

    Code: TOTSYONE
  2. FYI, they have terrible customer service. Never return emails or phone calls. Takes months if ever to get your items--check out their bad reviews online. Not worth the headache to buy from them, imho.

  3. I placed an order on 9/16 and haven't received it, however on their website it states that shipping could take 3/4 weeks. I wish I had noticed that before making a purchase.
  4. I saw that page on their website, but I've had multiple friends that have been waiting over 2 months...finally had the call their credit card company and have the charges reversed. Sad b/c they have really good prices...too good to be true I guess

  5. OH NO!!! I won't be that patient! If they haven't shipped in the next two weeks, I'll contact my bank immediately! Thanks so much for letting me know about this! With my first grandson coming in January, I've been in a buying frenzy! I discovered this site about six months ago and flagged it, hoping that one day I might fight it useful. If their customer service is that lacking, I won't bother with them when there are so many other online stores that have great sales.
  6. I was incorrect on my order date. It was 9/20, however I still haven't received the merchandise. They responded to my email inquiry, but only to reiterate the shipping terms on their website. It has now been 27 days, which I believe is ample time. I'll give it another 2 weeks before calling the bank to have these charges reversed. You're right in that they have great prices, but I'm sure I can find sales elsewhere.