Which Chanel tote?

  1. Cambon

  2. Grand Shopper

  3. Cerf

  4. Medallion Caviar

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  1. I would like to get a Chanel tote of some type, but I very undecided as to which one to get. I'm a couple of hours away from even the nearest Saks that carries Chanel, so I can't easily get in to try them on. A couple of months ago, I ordered a Cambon tote and when it came I wasn't sure I loved it, so I returned it. The more I think about it, though, I do like the Cambon line, plus it's discontinued, right? I also like the Grand Shopper tote, the Cerf tote, and the Medallion Caviar tote. I'm a casual person, and I work at home, so I don't dress up often. Heeeellllpppp!:tender:
  2. out of those... the cerf is my fav (JMO)
  3. Well, I don't think you can go wrong with any of these bags, they are all very beautiful and you will be able to carry any one of them forever. They will work well with both dressy and casual outfits. I voted for the Cerf. I have both the Medallion and the Cerf but I am thinking of getting rid of the Medallion because I just don't find it as useful as the Cerf. IMO, the Cerf is the best of the Chanel totes. It is very roomy and I find I can fit a lot more than the Medallion. To me the Medallion is really more of a handbag and less of a tote.
  4. I have been in the same position for months and even ordered the vintage ligne tote which is TDF. However, I decided to head into NYC any try them on last weekend and tried on the cerf (in both sizes), the grand (in both sizes), the vintage ligne, the med. I preferred the vintage ligne but ended up deciding that I was not a 'tote' person after all. So I am now trying to decide between a kelly, vintage ligne box, and lux bowler!! I appreciate that you are far from the shops, but if there is any way to 'try' them on first I would. Having said that, all the totes you are trying to decide between are lovely.
  5. I have two questions related to shoulder/hand-held and body frame. I find the grand shopping to be the easiest to wear on the shoulder if that matters to you. If you are petite/relatively small upper body, you should be able to wear the cerf and the medallion on your shoulder as well. I am medium build and do not find the cerf and medallion to be as comfortable on the shoulder as the shopping. (Shoulder wear for tote is important in my life...)
  6. which size Cambon tote?

    I voted Grand Shopping, but I think it's helpful to know which size Cambon tote.
    The small and med were too small for me.
  7. I like the grand shopping. I'm thinking about getting the petit version for myself.
  8. i like the grand shopping or the cerf!
  9. Yeah, I would definitely go with the large if I get the Cambon.
  10. Alas, I'm not as small as I used to be, pre-children. I definitely wouldn't want a tight fit on the shoulder. Also, I read in one of the other threads that people were saying the Medallion tote is hard to get in and out of and that you have to rearrange everything to take something out, so I probably won't go with that one.
  11. I love the Cerf. :girlsigh:
  12. I really like all of them but I voted cambon because that is my favorite line. This may also be your last chance to get one of these bags as I believe they are starting to faze them out.
  13. I like grand shopping style with calfskin leather in red color.
  14. Yes, it's hard to get long wallets in/out of and it tends to fit a little snug on the shoulder if you're not itty, bitty, whch apparently I am not! LOL!
  15. I chose Cambon, because I own one. Grand shopper is a little too big for me. I'm 5'0. I like the Medallion Tote also....shoot I like them all. But I prefer the Cambon