totes with zippers at top

  1. I love the chanel totes but i am afraid i have problems with toes without zippers as i am a bit klutzy. Can you ladies tell me which totes you have that have zippers on top?

    thank you.
  2. The Vintage Ligne Tote zips closed, I'll post a pic of mine and also the Medallion Tote zips.
    DSCF2142.jpg DSCF2143.jpg DSCF2145.jpg
  3. I have the large cambon that zips at the top, but I never zip mine.

  4. that is beautiful!!
  5. Don't have one (yet) but the new Cotton Club zips closed. Swanky, your bags are gorgeous!
  6. Gracias!
    I'm DYING to see the Cotton Club Ligne!