and what do you carry in it?

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  1. I love tote bags. But I always have a hard time figuring out if I should use it as a handbag or as an additional bag along with a handbag. For those of you who only carry totes, do you carry a small handbag in it for running errands? Or do you carry a clutch or wallet that you can grab and go?
  2. I use my totes as handbags. I carry all my usual things in them (and there are a lot....) and a cotton bag to put my groceries when I run errands....
  3. I carry my life in my bags, even crossbody. I will fit my life into anything :biggrin:
  4. Me too! :smile:
  5. I use a tote only when I have something bigger to carry than my usual haul (e.g. laptop). I tuck a small crossbody inside (that converts to a casual clutch) in case I need something smaller while I'm out.
  6. I only use a tote for work, but I carry a regular handbag as well. I don't like to mix my work things with my personal things. I even carried a regular handbag along with a diaper bag. I tried to mix the two, and it just didn't work for me.
  7. When I carry a tote alone, I have a small pouch for misc things in it just so I can find things easily. A wallet, a cosmetics pouch, a misc pouch, a card case, etc. I don't mind carry them alone with no other bag. I like all my totes. :smile:
    I just make sure it matches my style of the day, which mostly, they do. :smile:
  8. Depends on what I'm doing and where I'm going with the tote bag; if I'm traveling, I usually have a clutch with my cards, money, phone etc in it so I can easily fish it out of the bag and also to use it as an evening bag if necessary. If the tote is my handbag for the day (f.e. work, shopping, hobbies, events) I don't take a clutch with me - instead I use a bag organizer so I can find my important stuff.
  9. My totes are handbags to me. I have two in current rotation - Balenciaga Weekender (yup, I use it as a tote :smile:) and Celine cabas. I don't use my Burberry Buckleigh as often, however. But I love that it can expand to fit a house if I needed it to.

    Sometimes, they'll only have 5 things in them - wallet, makeup bag, coin purse, umbrella, cellphone. Other times, they also have an ipad mini, kindle (one of the kids wants it), a book, sunnies, a sweater, snacks for kids and I .... A lot of stuff. And when I go to the supermarket, I'll pull out an envirosax bag, load it with groceries and stuff what I can't carry into my tote as I lug my wares to the car.

    The totes function however I need them to.
  10. I'm looking at and pricing totes right now for a somewhat professional look and travel. I'm looking at contemporary lines like Coach, RM, MK, MbMJ. Can't really afford Prada or Givenchy or they would definitely be my first choice. Although I'm a satchel girl at heart there are times when a tote is more useful especially when I have to carry files and my computer.
  11. Can anyone tell me the name of this MK bag? Thank you ImageUploadedByPurseForum1394154422.105506.jpg
  12. It depends. I typically carry a tote-style daily for work (most usually my Birkin or either an Anya Hindmarch Carker OR Anya Hindmarch Albion - working the Albion major at the moment :biggrin:)

    When I carry a tote, I use my LV SC Slim MM clutch as a wallet, tucked inside so I can dash out to get lunch without hauling the big bag around.

    I have occasionally taken a tote AND a smaller shoulder bag (my Chanel classic double flap in beige) but only when I had a particular function to go to during the day or immediately after work and wanted to look quite dressy.

    In my tote, I'll carry:
    - LV damier ebene cosmetics case
    - phone
    - ipad mini OR tablet hybrid
    - usually a folder with current projects/memos/samples
    - a pen or two
    - LV SC Slim MM clutch as wallet

    If I were to carry another entirely separate bag in addition to my tote, I would ditch the clutch obviously and put my cards/cash, phone and lipstick+mirror in the other shoulder bag :yes:
  13. I carry a tote everyday to work and have: key pouch, wallet, phone, cosmetic bag, workout clothes, lunch, some pens and a highlighter, and sometimes some files, unless I have my laptop bag with me- then files go in there.
  14. I carry a tote for work. I have a Longchamp Au Sultan, Tod's Fringed tote and recently got myself an LV Totally MM DE. In my tote I carry two iPhones (personal and work issued), a 7 inch tablet, cosmetics, keys, reading glasses, wallet. Except for the tablet, everything fits in a purse organizer I purchased from Land and Sea so it is so easy for me to change purses which I do weekly. The organizer even fits in my Philip Lim Medium Pashli and my Balenciaga messenger so I have to say it is my most useful accessory.
  15. Clothing and toys...lots of clothing and toys on top of necessities.

    I only take my tote when I need to carry extra stuff really. Like a picnic with other moms.