Totes available in grey

  1. I was wondering if anyone was aware of any tote styles available in grey? I am considering the large mademoiselle ligne tote in black, but I think I might want a grey bag instead and really want a tote shape. Thanks for your help! :flowers:
  2. there was the square vintage tote in grey, and the cloudy bundle came in a taupe-y greyish color too.
  3. Also I think the Modern Chain and Coco Cabas came in grey.
  4. So no GST in grey? Thanks again!
  5. I haven't seen one :sad:
    They neeeed red and grey!
  6. Seriously, that would make me very happy! Hmm...I guess I'll just stick to a black mademoiselle tote or black GST.
  7. you know the MM tote is on the delicate side, yes?
  8. I knew it was lambskin vs. cavier. Is it known for being especially delicate? I'm pretty good with the care of my bags in general, but I appreciate the heads up if it requires a lot of care.
  9. There is an Outdoor Messenger Tote that came in a gorgeous taupy grey color.
  10. I've heard that the MM line especially has been delicate. . . I don't know, maybe you should start a new thread asking{?}
  11. the distressed grey bags are hot!
  12. Good idea. Thanks all!
  13. the Ritz came in a beautiful grey.
  14. just read in the other thread that the new Cotton Club Ligne will have a pewter. . . I LOVE pewter!
  15. Doesn't the vintage line come in grey?