Totem speedy available!

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  1. Just thought I'd let you know that the Totem Speedy in Flamingo is showing available on I know some of you were looking

    I was able to snag one!! Good luck!!
  2. I have the magenta totem speedy. I bought it pre loved and wasn't sure if I was going to like it but seeing it in person loved it!!!! I
  3. I am trying to decide if I should sell my totem. Have to take it out and look at it again. I haven't been using it. You stirred my interest.
  4. Why do you want to sell it?...I really like mine...
  5. Congratulations!! It is so pretty!! I was torn between the color and loved them both equally. I was so proud of myself for resisting but at the same time afraid I would regret it. So when I saw it available in the flamingo I jumped on it LOL
  6. You should load it up and try it out and then decide. I was going to sell my Trevi because I don't use her. So I loaded her yesterday and took her out. There is no way I can part with her now!!
  7. Thank you! I don't think I saw irl and bought it preloved so I didn't have a choice on the color but I really do like the darker husband does not like the bag at all!
  8. ^ I agree....I've done that a few times with my mono Metis...I've almost sold it twice, take it out and try on and realize it's a very functional bag...I feel like it's a little big on me but I always think I'm going to regret selling it.,..
  9. That's what I worry about, regretting later if I sell. I've only sold one bag, my mono nf. I never carried it. As soon as it was out the door, I was regretting selling it. LOL!!
  10. What does husbands know!!! LOL!!! I'm just kidding LOL!!

    I got to see them both and honestly loved both colors. I usually tend to be a pink gal so I guess when the flamingo popped up it was meant to be. LOL
  11. I've sold many bags, usually with no regrets. I have only recalled two back after sending to the reseller and I still have both bags.....Now, I make sure it's not a bag I want before sending it off!!!
  12. I know!! He says all my bags look alike anyway....I try to explain how they are all different but it doesn't work!:P
  13. I've done that the last two days. Carried my Trevi, thinking I'd sell but now I can't. I love her again!! LOL!!
  14. At least he listens!! But that's ok. We don't get a lot of the things that interests them. So I guess we are even LOL
  15. There must have been only a few of the speedy in flamingo; the NF is showing availability.