Totem line question

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  1. Hello! Any totem neverfull owners out there who can give me their opinion on wear and tear? Do the straps stay on the shoulder? I have been wanting a tote or hobo bag which I can use when I am out with my 3 kids or at work when I return to work. I have been thinking maybe I should get one without vachetta because I use my hand sanitizer a lot and I don't want to leave marks behind. I also can't constantly be careful because inevitably one of the kids will put his/her shoe close to my bag (before I yell get away from my bag!!) or touch something with a grubby paw. So basically I need something that doesn't require a ton of work but has space for a few pair of mittens, scarves hats or cardigans and snacks. I don't like the look of the de neverfull and it has it's cracking issues. I don't like a slouchy bag like the delightful even tho I love it on others. I don't like the look of the totally even though the totally in de would tick off a lot of boxes. What do you guys think of the neverfull totem? No vachetta!! Right now only the flamingo color is available. Is that too loud? My wardrobe is a lot of solid colors and blacks and greys (and jeans). Thanks for your advice!
  2. I got the totem magenta NF last month and used it about 3X. I don't recall the strap slipping off my shoulder. I really like the look of the totem NV. I envision using this more than my MM Montaigne. I think if you wear a lot of solid colors in black and grey, the flamingo will add some color to your look. With you having 3 kids, you'll have more fun using your NF without having to worry about vachetta. I'd say go for it! :tup::tup:
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    What about the upcoming "patches" collection? The NF has black handles.
  4. Thank you for your response! I like the magenta nf more but it's out of stock. Would you be willing to share some mod shots or the bag in action?
  5. I saw that! :smile: black and mono is my favorite combo. But I am not sure I like the patches or the pictures haven't done the bag justice.
  6. Will try to take and post pic tomorrow....
  7. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1461436386.951266.jpg I have the flamingo color and I love it! It is such a fun handbag! I was also drawn to this Neverfull due to no vachetta, and I think this bright coral color looks amazing against the monogram. I haven't carried it too much since I got it in October, so I can't speak to the wear. This bag has so many amazing details...I recommend it for sure!
  8. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1461436536.382100.jpg And on the shoulder....the straps do fall off me sometimes, but not too much that it bothers me. And in reference to the mod shots...I am five feet tall.
  9. The bag looks wonderful on you!! Thank you so much for the mod shots and review. I am five feet too so this helps a lot! Would you use this bag at work? I haven't gone back to work yet but I hope it won't be too loud if I use it there.

  10. I haven't taken it to work yet, but mostly because the straps still stand straight up and I would have to bend them to get it to fit in a locked cabinet. However...I can't keep babying her so I will probably take her to work this week! My work is an engineering command so most people don't care too much about fashion, so I doubt anyone would even notice it!
  11. Took a pic of my totem Neverfull. Hope this helps.
    Sorry for the stickie. Didn't know how to watermark so this will do for now :sad:

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  12. Thank you so much for sharing the picture Arabesque!! The bag is so beautiful. I am loving the purple interior and I think the "fish" design is so unique. Hope you are enjoying her. The good thing is both bags are out of stock now so it gives me time to mull over the purchase!! Lol.
  13. You're welcome!
    I had the store order the bag for me, since it's been out of stock online for a few months.