Tote used for laptop/book bag and charm idea

  1. First off, I need a rec. for a tote I can use on a daily basis at college for classes. Normally to class I carry my laptop, a notebook, a couple novels (the ones we're reading in class), my planner and a pencil bag. I've seen a couple of the totes both in store and online but I can't decide which would work best. Any other girls on here use one for class or for work to carry their laptop etc?

    Also, I was thinking about new charms they should make and was looking on the website of ones they have now. I was looking at the initial ones and realized Coach should make a series on the Greek alphabet. Tons of sorority girls would want their letters, I know I'd buy three-Alpha Sigma and Tau, haha. Does anyone know if Coach has done a series like this before?
  2. I use my Hampton's large weekend tote for class everyday. It holds my notebook, laptop, books, pens... everything I need for a day at school. It's really durable, and still looks great after nearly 4 years. Go for one of the larger hamptons weekend totes!
  3. i have a signature stripe travel tote and it works great, but the straps are very thin and do kind of dig in to my shoulder when i have my laptop in it.

    i'd probably suggest a baby bag! the signature stripe one is very cute
  4. I have the Chelsea tote, and it fits a laptop and a few thin spiral notebooks amongst other smaller items. It's actually a multi-purpose bag that could double as a baby bag. The good thing is that it has a little padded foldout either to lie the baby on, or to cushion the laptop. Hamptons is also really nice. :smile:
  5. I know that a lot of pepole use the hamptons business tote and the baby bags for carrying a laptop--even if they don't have kids!

    Have you considered looking at a backpack? I think Coach still has a few large ones...

  6. i know i would too Sigma Alpha Iota!!!
    that would be uber cute!!:party: