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  1. Hello!

    I am looking for a durable tote to take to work and use every day. I always feel that canvas is more durable than leather and own some LV bags and a canvas panarea Dior tote but would like to upgrade to a CHANEL one.

    Could someone recommend a durable tote (leather or non leather) besides the deauville?

    Thank you!
  2. Anyone please :smile:
  3. I just purchased the Deauville to use as a work tote. Unfortunately I haven’t had a chance to use it yet. I did have a Chanel Caviar quilted city tote for a very short time and sold it. It was very heavy empty and once I put files/work docs in it, it was very heavy.
  4. Which one did you get?

    my perfect deauville is not made yet! It would be exactly like the 19A navy with gold but in black instead.. :love:
  5. This one. I liked this one because it’s a little more under the radar.

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  6. This is the exact one I’m eyeing/contemplating..

    i just wish the hardware is yellow gold and the logo is in gold as well for contrast (I don’t mind flashy things!)

    If possible, could you please share more photos?
    Is it black in real or looks charcoal?
  7. I generally like yellow gold also but because I wanted to use for work I thought a more low key bag would be better for me. It is black. When I saw it in store I thought it was navy but it looks black up close and I can see where it might look charcoal in some lighting. Here are a couple of more pictures. Sorry not the best quality.

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  8. Here is one with an organizer in it. I’m 5’1ish. The bag is big but the next size down isn’t practical for a work bag.

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  9. Sorry I'm no help either.. I have a deauville and I love it because it's so easy! The fabric hides dirt pretty well too.

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  10. Thank you I appreciate this!
  11. I absolutely love this combo! My perfect one would be exactly the same but with gold instead!

    Thank you for sharing!
  12. I have the timeless clsssic tote I use for work. I love the look of it, just a but more classy then the Deauville imo.
  13. It’s beautiful!

    I am looking at this style as well.. is it currently available in caviar leather? I want it to be as carefree as possible and that’s why I am considering canvas to begin with.. Also I think the leather ones are heavier.
  14. I would have to agree with the above regarding the timeless classic tote. When I was searching, there was no caviar so I went the preloved route and got the below (excuse the junk in the background!)

    I tend to carry a lot for work but a medium-ish organizer and a laptop can fit. Personally it does not feel heavy in comparison to my Deauville but then again I stuff my Deauville quite a bit. With any tote, be mindful of structure loss. After some additional well use I plan to take it to Leather Surgeons for a spa day (luckily they’re local for me)

    when I was traveling to France in late October they had only the lambskin tote in stock. In February, I believe I saw the caviar tote in stock in the NE US stores (went browsing across a few NE locations to be honest!)

    I personally enjoy the tote and wish you good luck with whichever you choose!

  15. I appreciate your detailed response!
    what a stunning tote!

    What is the price point if I may ask?

    Thank you!