Tote recommendations please!

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  1. Hi all - my mum is on the hunt for a Chanel tote, and I was wondering if you lovely Chanel TPFers would be able to assist with some recommendations? I only have knowledge of the flap bags (I own the same gunmetal Jumbo flap that NYCavalier has in her avatar, but don't know how to describe it!-bought it almost exactly a year ago).

    ANYWAY - my mum fell in love with the black caviar GST, but is apprehensive about the fact it's so boxy and "open" and therefore perhaps not for her since she prefers some sort of closure. Are there any totes that you would recommend that have the same classic Chanel look (I don't think she'd go for a cocoon for example) but that either zip or meet with some kind of fastening so she'd feel more secure carrying the bag?

    The GST is the right kind of size for her, and she's already decided she would prefer a tote to a flap...

    Any and all advice most welcome, and links to pics would be great!

    TIA :flowers:
  2. Cerf tote is another option ~
  3. How about the Cambon CC tote? I think it will be lighter than the GST.
  4. I love my GST!
  5. Thanks Joansie and Angel77 - I'm not sure she'd go for the Cambon CC tote, but the Cerf Tote might be a runner. It doesn't help that London boutiques tend to be a bit hit-and-miss with stock so we haven't managed to track down her HG in person yet!

    Any other suggestions would be most welcome :smile:
  6. Hi djpedersen - thanks for stopping by :smile: I think the GST is just gorgeous, and I would definitely carry one myself - maybe mum just needs some convincing about the style. Do you ever feel like it's too "boxy", or like someone could put their hands in and help themselves to your stuff? I think security is a big concern for my lovely mum. I can kinda relate - I had to re-home my LV Neverfull because I was always gripping it under my arm in fear I'd get things lifted from it on the subway :shucks:

    Would be interested to hear if you feel the same, and how you get on with the GST?

    Many thanks!
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    Love the look of the GST if she can handle the weight. Personally, I think Biarritz (not sure if still available), reissue tote and the cocoon tote are good options for something more comfy. Does she like Medallion tote?
  8. I love Chanel totes!

    If you can find a large Chanel diamond stitch tote or a large Chanel ultimate soft tote I think those would be great options (they are my favorites!). They both have zippers on top =)
  9. i keep my wallet zipped safely in the center compartment ~
    however, i dont live in the city or take public transportation...i remember having to make a decision btwn GST & Cerf ~ i ended up w GST but eventually got the Cerf as well ~ they r my fav Chanel totes...Cerf is lighter in weight & less boxy if thats an issue...
  10. I think cerf tote, ultimate soft tote or on the road tote are some nice options!
  11. How about the on the road tote? It is not as boxy.
  12. ^^I agree, the OntheRoad/Go Tote is nice. There's a zipper in the center pouch and it is not at all boxy. The straps are leather and it fits comfortably under the arm.
  13. Ooooh ladies, I just googled the 'On The Road' tote and absolutely love it - can't wait to show mum! Is it current season, and does anyone know the price in GBP?

    Thanks so much for all your help! :hugs:
  14. My vote is for the Cerf - great everyday bag, understated, classic, and is not totally open at the top. It is my most favorite Chanel in my collection - at the moment. Good luck deciding and have fun on the hunt for a great tote for your mom.

  15. How about the elastic tote? I am seriously trying to convince DH to let me buy one!!