Tote recommendations? I need some help...

  1. Can someone help with bag recommendations as I am new to Mulberry? I’m looking for a shoulder bag is soft, smooshy leather. I ordered a new small zipped Bayswater and it was gorgeous but sadly I knew it would sit unused eventually as it was too structured. Then I ordered a preloved Alexa which was probably glorious once but the condition was awful so it was returned as well. The only current style that may work is the Bayswater Tote but I can’t really find many reviews. I’m ok with preloved, but just not familiar enough with the brand to know what might work out. I don’t carry a lot of stuff around, for example my favorites are a Speedy 25, a Neverfull PM, or a medium Longchamp Le Pliage tote/ small Longchamp Cuir satchel. I don’t like crossbody, and handheld is ok as long as there’s a shoulder option too.

    Thanks much for any input!
  2. Have you thought of the Tessie Tote? I use one for work and love it; big enough for my laptop and bits, and sits comfortably on the shoulder. Not too heavy, either, and has a click lock closure for additional safety.
    This is mine, the rivet version, but they come in several colours. I think it's a fantastic bag
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  3. That’s beautiful! Thank you! I will search around for one.
  4. I have the big Bayswater tote and I love it. However, it isn't soft and squishy but holds it shape for a tote. Even at that it isn't structured. It also has a good price point. Have you seen the new small Bayswater tote? I haven't but I really like the look of it.
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  7. Here is my slightly over a year old navy tote along with my new smaller tote. I haven't carried the red one yet but I do like it.
    IMG_0332.jpg IMG_0338.jpg IMG_0341.jpg
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  8. Your blue tote is beautiful! Love the blue and red contrast the lock :love:

    Personally, I have also a Tessie tote in oxblood and it is perfect for work. It fits a great amount and is not too heavy.
  9. Thank you for your nice comments. I must say when I saw the picture of the Tessie I liked it instantly. I have never seen the Tessie tote and I think you are lucky to have it.
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  10. The Dorset totes are very soft leather. It’s one of my favourite bags.

    I also have a creased leather Audrina tote that is very squishy but it has a kind of ring around the top (with side buckles) so it looks more structured. I believe it was a special design for John Lewis shops so not many come up preloved.

    Love the look of the Bayswater totes but out of my price range for now.