Tote or Satchel bag help needed

  1. Hi everyone. Okay first let me say this is my first post. I found this board by serenpendity this morning and I am addicted already. I am a teacher and I am looking for a bag that can be used everyday, one that is roomy and has a sturdy long shoulder strap, it has to cost less than $500 dollars. Can anyone suggest any bags that they think fit all or at least most of my criteria? I won't be carrying schoolwork in the bag but I need something roomy enough so I can carry enough but not too much, if that makes Thanks in advance.

    Despite my username, I don't own a LV bag yet but I am working on owning one real soon. I love love love the lockit bags.
  2. Welcome!!!
  3. Are you looking for new or used? You might be able to get an LV on Ebay for 500 bucks. Maybe a Cabas Piano or Mezzo.
  4. How about a Kooba Nisha? It retails for $575, but I've seen them on sale for less than that. Do you have an Off 5th near you? They had these for $269.
  5. Thanks for the replkies so far. Keep the suggestions coming I am looking at any and everything? Thank you Rose! ArmCandy I love the first and third choices. Elongreach, I wasn't sure if ebay would be a smart move to get a LV bag from. I definitely am not cultured enough to know the difference between an authentic or fake LV bag. I would hate to pay for a bag I thought was real and it end up being anything but that. BagLover, I love the color but its not my style.
  6. You can do it LVBaby. We are all here to help. You should look on ebay and if you see anything you think you might like, post in Authenticate This! We have some top notch members who can tell you real from fake.
  7. LVBaby - check for authentic LV sellers, and post the auctions that you're interested in (as elongreach said) here, and we'll help you! Good luck!
  8. Check out my post opinion's welcomed I think that this is a good tote. Cost $295.00. Kate Spade, flatiron thea tote in chocolat or black.
  9. :yes:
    :yes: that is best way !! :yes:
  10. Coach has some gorgeous totes in that price range.
    11 (L) x 11 1/2 (H) x 6 1/4 (W)
    Price: $448
    9 3/4” handle
    10 3/8 (L) x 9 3/4 (H) x 5 (W)

    Price: $598 Style No: 7574
  11. How about Marc Jacobs' Stella? We might be able to find a used one (in good condition) on ebay? =)
  12. The Stella would be a great choice. If you'd really like to have an LV, then I'm sure you could get some help choosing one from ebay! These gals are pros! Good luck!
  13. How abt a Bagtinolle Horizontal from Ebay? There's usually some good deals on there... and they are roomier than the Piano.