Tote Miroire - tell me EVERYTHING!

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  1. Hello - I’m new but I always come here before buying anything!

    I tend to be one handbag at a time sort of girl - I know, the worst. Obv we all only carry one at once but I get one and use it every day with the exception of evening bags or other. But I want a new everyday bag.

    I like black, I like shiny, but I also carry lots of sh!t around. I live in London so it needs to close securely, and I like a top handle either for my hand or elbow, or a cross body strap for when my hands are full.

    So I love the classic look of the Tote Miroir. It seems to tick all the boxes. I can’t find very much in the way of pics of it being carried by a human (except for one darling here - cross body). Does anyone have any pics holding it from the handle or on the elbow?

    And most importantly - is it big enough?! I know that the neverfull seems obvious but I love this miroir. I have a bag a similar size - it’s a mulberry, old satchel, rubbish structural integrity. It’s a similar size but the reason it sucks is that it always refused to close properly so I could never carry it from that top Handle so whatever I put in it seems to much.

    So if you have one, would you treat me to some pictures and a lowdown of what you carry?

    Thanks, all.
  2. No one?! C’mon give me the push!
  3. No one?! C’mon give me the push!
  4. Did you try doing a search? Tote miroir (no e at the end). It’s not that popular a bag. I don’t have it but I like it.
  5. I have one my dear. It is really a good sized medium bag so not considered a big bag at all. You may want to check the size on the website but I can tell you the speedy 30 is a way bigger bag for reference. She is definitely a beautiful bag and if I should say durable as well. It is very structured if that is what kind of bag you are looking for. However it does get a tad narrow at the top so over stuffing this bag would definitely warp the zippers but the zippers pulls are beautiful. And the monogram on the black is striking. Snibor is right not a very popular bag which is not a bad thing at all. But I would not consider this bag an every day bag in my opinion.

    It will fit toiletry 19, mini pouchette, zippy coin, round coin purse, checkbook, iPhone XS fits in pocket and kindle oasis 7”. Really not much more than that can go inside with out over stuffing. Hope that helps.