tote making my back hurt?

  1. over the weekend I went to NM and bought a black modern chain tote and wore it the last 2 days..I woke up this morning with terrible lower back pain. The bag is heavy on its own and with me putting additional things inside of it, its even more heavier. The handles are made of silver chains with leather intertwined in them. I am wondering is anyone else who has the modern chain bag having this same problem? I LOVE the bag itself..the size, shape, style etc. But, WOW it totally hurts my back. Do you gals think I should only put the bare minium in it and carry it every so often? I am confused, I really dont want to take it back because Its so cute, BUT If its hurting my that the right thing to do?
    ( btw, I have 38dd's- which only adds to the issue of carrying additional weight around :lol:)
  2. Girl, with 38DDs you could carry an empty bag and still have backaches! But those chains are def. a little heavier than other bags with leather straps. Mama said it hurts to look beautiful. But I don't think it should hurt THAT much. You know what I mean! Return it for something that doesn't hurt your back.
  3. I totally know what your going through, not with chanel but the boobs hahahahha! I can only imagine that the bag doesn't help at all!!! Just be more selective when you wear it or if you plan on wearing it more often just dont put as much :yes:
  4. I tried on the bag because I liked it too. But it was heavy compared to my GST that I did not get it. But I try to put alot of things in my GST. So, I would say to keep it if you really love it but just put the essentials in it or get something else with a less heavier chain like the baby cabas or a GST.
  5. :lol: ........ditto.
  6. It's heavy because it's all leather. Including leather interior. Try carrying it hand held from time to time to give your back a break.
  7. I will try carrying a bit less and carry it on my arm and see how it goes! thanks.
  8. :roflmfao:
  9. I have carried mine tons of times w/no back problems.
  10. have u considered getting breat reduction?? It might work out better for your back in the long run??

    Although there may be risks and ocmplications but yea! Sorry I'm changing the topic..
  11. ^ haha, I WOULD NEVER get a reduction. I love my boobs too much. They are natural 38dds and in CA thats a rare occurance on its own :lol:
  12. Natural breasts in Cal... is that possible? I've been there. You definitely want to keep those puppies right where they are. I still say get a diff. gorgeous lighter bag. Then u can have both: gorgeous boobs, gorgeous bag. Look out world, mahylicous is in the house!
  13. I'm glad you love your boobs :biggrin:! I didn't mean to be rude or nething and personally i'd love bigger boobs :biggrin:!!
  14. LOL I'm a 38DD as well, and I love my boobs too ... you girls have me cracking up. In any regard the bag is lovely and will be my next purchase. I hope it works out for you!
  15. Well... If you're not comfortable wearing your bag, why not settle with something you feel more comfortable wearing? Rather than keeping it inside your closet all the time because you can't wear it always because of its weight.