Tote lovers--could you list which one you have and why you love it??

  1. I think my flaps are beautiful and classic, but I want a tote next and, since I am so far from a boutique carrying the actual bags, I would love your help. Thanks!
  2. i like the cambon totes, other than that, chanel doesn't make a tote that tickles my fancy.
  3. I have the large and medium cambon totes, the large one fits comfortably on the shoulder and great for everyday.

    I just got the GST, haven't used it yet!
  4. I HAD this Cambon tote but I sold it ... Beautiful, but too heavy for me

  5. Large Cambon tote--durable, large, light weight and super comfortable
    MC n/s--durable, fits alot and very edgy/cool looking
    Vintage ligne n/s--gorgeous, lightweight and sophisticated looking
    Baby Cabas- smooshy, throw around, unstructured and hip
  6. I like these also but have never tried them on IRL



  7. i love the vintage ligne n/s tote. i have one in choco brown. i hate the cambon totes, too teeny bopperish.
  8. but of course!!!

    1st is my Vintage Ligne Tote, love this because it's SO light, the perfect size and uber-comfy, mine pictured is dark white.

    2nd pictured is my new Cotton CLub, love this because it's SO roomy, super practical and a HOT color!

    Finally is the GST, I took mine back because it had gold hardware, they had not yet introduced black/silver when I bought mine :sad:

    This is a favorite because of it's versatility of moving from day to night and being casual or dressy.

    Also, the caviar leather is virtually indestructable and the bag is nice and roomy.
    DSCF2139.jpg IMG_0796.jpg DSCF1323.jpg
  9. I have the N/S version of the Cloudy Bundle tote, and it is just dreamy. The tote is narrow enough so that all of my junk doesn't stack at the bottom and weigh it down. I also like that it is a little deeper. It is really soft, and the handles are flat, so they don't slip off my shoulder. The color is beautiful with the rose tinted hardware, too.
  10. I have a beige GST and like it for all the reasons Amanda does... It's very worry-free and can hold a ton of stuff. I like that it has distinct compartments, including one zippered one in the middle.
  11. I have the MC large EW tote in black. Love it. As RockerChic said it is very edgy. I bought a few Hermes Twillies to tie on her to dress her up when I want her to look less biker-chic. I also have Outdoor Ligne Messenger/Hobo - which is as big as a tote. Here are some pics:
  12. I'm a big fan of tote bag! 70% of my bags are in tote style. I don't own any classic flaps ( as I realised that I love tote bag more ). I would suggest baby cabas (which I own in white and love it a lot!!) or Classic GST.
  13. I have a PST. It's perfect for me. My life is messy (I'm messy), but the tote's clean shape appearance help me to look more polished.
  14. I have a black Mademoiselle tote. I love it for work because it holds a lot and looks great dressed up or down. However, I don't think I would like the chains on my shoulder after a long day of shopping.
  15. I'm chiming with another vote for the baby cabas - stylish, easy to carry and holds tons without being hard to handle.