Tote for work- opinions??

  1. Hey ladies! I need a tote for work that will fit manila folders and papers, plus regular essentials (wallet, date book, make up, cell phone, etc.) I was at Saks today and I think I fell in love with Britt medium tote in the black dialux fabric.

    Do you think it's big enough to hold folders? Any thoughts on the bag? Or can you suggest another one?

    I'm thinking that I could wear this one out also because it isn't too "worky" looking if you know what I mean.


    Also, I think I read somewhere that if you order from a Saks out of state, you don't have to pay tax?? Has anyone done this? I'd love to save a few dollars. THANKS!
  2. I guess nobody has this bag? OR likes it??

    Can anyone suggest a good tote that can hold several manila folders?
  3. Hi, I have something very similar. Same style, just one strap. It would be big enough for files but it gets very heavy very easily.

    I don't know about the taxes at Saks although I do think I read that somewhere on this board.
  4. Thanks for your response! I'm now kind of thinking about the LV Batignolles Horizontal. Any opinions? Which is a better choice?

    I'll probably troll the LV boards :smile:
  5. I have an LV Speedy which is totally different style so I'm no help there. If you don't mind monogram, Gucci has some great totes that might be good for what you need.
  6. I love my gucci tote (abbey med shoulder bag) not sure if it would be big enough to carry folders BUT that LV is one of my favorites!