Tote for this fall and winter.

  1. Hello,

    I have a very similar thread in another section but I am posting here because today I was at LV boutique and discovoured that the bag I wish to buy has been discontinued. :sad:

    I don't remember the proper name for it. The logo had those square boxes in brown and beige with LV wording. This tote is very thin (sleek looking) with no zipper on the top. The handle is short, so you can only carry it from your hand, not over the shoulder.

    It is about $970.00 (if I remembered correctly) in Canadian dollars and I think the mearsurement is 11 by 11.

    Can anyone tell me why it was discontinued? Can anyone suggest another tote that is similar to this one? I don't care what name brand it is.
  2. I just finished looking at eluxury and I don't see it there. I wish I could provide a picture of it. :sad:

    Does anyone know what I am talking about?
  3. Things get discontinued over the years, it's just how LV and most other brands work. If designs never get discontinued then they would have way too much going on.

    With your description all I can think of is the Globe Shopper...


    Unless you're talking about Damier...which is the brown and beige "squares" you're talking you have any other descriptions?
  4. Perfect! It is called Damier. Thank you for reminding me. I think I like the Globe Shopper also. But please tell me, I'm short...can these bags make me look shorter? Would it be a waste of money to get this if it will always get splattered with wet snow and salt? (for the winter season)
  5. I have Damier bags and I live in snowy Alberta and no problems with them. Not sure if they'll make you look short...didn't know Damier had anything with making people look that!
  6. Damier is the canvas, you still have to figure out which bag it is right?