Tote for School?

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  1. Hi everyone, I want yoru opinon on buying a coach bag for school. Im gonna be starting my first year of college, im looking for something ot mainly hold my laptop, charger, and probably a book and notebook. My laptop is a netbook, so its only 11.6" and weighs like 2 lbs. Im trying to stay in the 150-200 range. I am in love with the orange and pink op art glam. Its my two favorite colors. Ive gone and looked at it a couple itmes in the store, im worried that its too lightweight to withstand everyday use. Maybe some of you who have the bag can advise me on that? Ive looked on ebay, i like the east/west gallery tote, but ive never seen it in person so idk if its really what i want. The large stripe tote (the one with the strip at the very top, not the middle) is very cute, my cousin has it but im having a hard time finding it on ebay.
    If you guys have any recommendations for a good tote to use for school or if the op art glam is a good choice that woudl be great! Thanks!;)
  2. The new Tribicca is strong and I think it would work...
  3. which tribicca? i looked at that line real quick this morning.
  4. I would suggest checking out the outlets. They have a ton of totes on sale right now. There were a few that I saw that were $100. Nothing over $200.
  5. yeah i was planning on checking the outlet out next week. I found one purse that i am bidding on, if i dont win it im just gonna wait till then.

    What about the poppy glam?
  6. How about HS totes? Those totes are made by iron (I am just kidding about the iron part.....), they are sturdy and easy to clean. You might still able to catch these totes at outlet.
  7. I have the Heritage Stripe baby tote that I will use for school if i need to carry a lot, its huge but also might be too big for some people but i personally love it
  8. Poppy would be a great choice, and SO cute for college! The Parker Hippie's can also hold a laptop and fit cross body which would be nice, too. I hear if you hunt you can find one at a good price at the outlet. They are a little more "timeless" if you're looking for a long-term bag. The Poppy is really cute, though and the orange color is awesome in real life. Good luck deciding!!
  9. def the HS tote.
    my friend has the carly and her laptop fits it.. but i think its a small mac one. lol idks. good luck!