Tote for Pool/Beach/Kids???

  1. Hi all - I was going to buy something rattan, wicker or straw but was wondering if it'd be too fragile, plus I'd be concerned about it getting stolen! So I settled on this fun Juicy Couture clear tote which I ordered from Saks for $122.

    What do you gals with kids carry to the pool and beach?

  2. I think it is very cute! I don't have anything yet for this year for the beach but I'm thinking of plastic too.
  3. I was using the large Longaberger Boardwalk, but it was heavy and not flexible. I bought a bunch of mesh beach bags from Old Navy for $2.50. They work great. Sometimes I use a LL Bean Boat and Tote. The mesh bags are nice because they don't soak up water. Yours is a cute bag!
  4. Thanks Cherryfarmgirl and Kimmi! Great tip on the Old Navy bags - great for wet kids' suits and gear!
  5. I have a couple of gap totes which work great.
  6. I love getting totes from Old Navy, the Gap, and Target for the beach....they serve their purpose, and are very cute!
  7. Huge monogrammed LLBean Tote- I LOVE IT!!!!:heart:
  8. I bought the GREATEST beach bag at Wal-Mart the other day!!! ( I never thought I would be saying that!!) It is giant...and clear plastic, with a small velcro pocket on the inside...and it was on sale for $4.97. I have 3 kids...and it fits all of our stuff, with room left over. This is it in blue...I bought the clear!
  9. I am feeling a gap here! Although I live in a City, when we go on holiday and head for the beach, I tend to rely on my good old arms to carry towels, swimming costumes, sunscreen, assorted equipment, water etc - a bag? Wow, why didn't I think of that?!
  10. I'm using bright orange nylon tote which is few times bigger than any of the bags mentioned here :smile: but can easily fit beach towels, swimsuits, water, sunscreen, sunglasses, toys, cookies, juice, kids spare clothes, hats, diapers, swimming diapers, first aid essentials (neosporin, band aid, etc.), any space left?
  11. :yahoo:Got the Juicy tote today and it comes with a little coin purse and a huge beach towel! So stylish with cute details - it's big (16x12x6), PINK and I :heart:love:heart: it! :yahoo:
  12. Love the Juicy beach bag! That is very cute!

    Because I leave a bag unattended for long periods of time at the beach or pool, I choose a cheaper route! I have this Gap tote. It is big enough to hold lots of towels, suits for everyone, sunscreen, drinks and snacks. The handles are long enough to go over the shoulder.