Tote Bags??????

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  1. Just want to ask if there's anything that can wear as a tote bag...... on the shoulders or carry by hands......

    for men tot......

    couldn't find anything about a tote bag when i'm searching.... so just wonder if u galz/guyz can help me out

    :crybaby:I know it's impossible to should a 40cm birkin... but if there's nothing availabe.... my only choice is to get a birkin and put the flap in the bag as a tote.... :P

    pics and price would help also... thx u galz/guyz....
  2. For a shoulder tote you could do a Garden Party MM or GM or a Victoria
    my peko's Victoria II PM

    Garden Party MM
    For a handheld you might want to look at the Valparaiso, Ahmedabad, Whitebus, or Victoria Cabas
  3. That Victoria II PM is so beautiful!!!!! I've never seen one-does it sit pretty well on the shoulder without sliding off? What color is that????? Sorry, it's just gorgeous...
  4. thx QM and VO

    may i ask how much will a victoria PM or MM cost? and is that clemence that you've there?

    appreciate for all your help....

  5. It is in Chocolate Clemence. Great tote, does not slide off shoulder plus it is comfortable too:tup:!

  6. The Victoria II Pm costs approximately USD2800.
    There's a vertically longer one too and I think it looks better for a guy.
  7. as a Garden Party owner, GP is the best choice ... easy to use handheld or on the shoulder and plenty of room to put everything inside the tote :tup:
  8. The Victoria is beautiful!!
  9. LOVE the Victoria. Anyone know the available measurements?
  10. The Victoria is gorgeous. :smile:
  11. Hi all,

    Does anyone have any details on the color/size variability on the Fourre Tout and also what the approximate price range is?

    Thank you!

    - Andrew