tote bag

which one do you like better

  • Chanel GST

  • Dior Soft Dior

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Mar 14, 2012
Handbag experts: please vote and comment on
GST vs Soft Dior
which one is more practical for daily use with daily working materials
1) the style, big printed logo vs hanging logos
2) leather (caviar vs lamb, calf and patent)
3) color choice (Soft Dior has more choices seems)
4) the weight, which one is heavier when loaded?
5) comfort, which one is more comfortble on shoulder?
6) secure (newer soft dior has zip, GST has zip on middle compartment)
7) easy to maintain?
8) price (GST$2900, $3300, Soft Dior: $2850, $3300)
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