Tote bag to match hand bag???! Is that weird?

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  1. Is it crazy to get a really really nice tote bag to compliment your handbag? I mean in NYC, the subway is my main mode of transportation to work, to the gym, and back home. So usually when i goto work, I take my gym clothes with me and then I trek them with me to my inbetween work and gym errands (which is hanging out in soho :P ).

    So I went out and bought a tote bag (d&g tote) just for the miscellaneous items I don't want to put in my handbag (sweater, hat, another pair of shoes, or gym clothes/gym sneakers). I just feel that if I have a nice handbag and my tote is just bleh :yucky:, it takes away from the nice handbag.

    What do you ladies(or gents :amuse: ) think about this???
  2. Sounds like a good idea to me!
  3. good idea and it is not weird. oh by the way i even ccoordinate my harbware on bags with my jewelry. if i wear yellow or rose gold it must be gold hardware if ii decide to go with platinum or white gold it must be palladium or silver hardware on the bag. am I weird?:lol:
  4. I match my hardware like lilach, I have other friends who are like that too. I travel constantly and my handbag matches my keepall. I think it is a smarter look. I lived in Japan and when traveling the subway, even the men match! Go for it!
  5. not weird at all .....Some just like to coordinate
  6. My Bordeaux bbag matches my large Tod's Mikey (gym bag) perfectly. I LOVE that! :love:
  7. If you are, I am too! Since getting married and getting a yellow gold ring, ALL jewelry and hardware has to be yellow. Took me forever to replace my watches and my Navajo silver. And it absolutely SLAYS me that Frye makes the black harness boots only with nickel hardware. :rant: Oughtta be a law.

    Back to the question of matching tote and bag: don't see a thing wrong with it.
  8. Not weird at all. =)
  9. Thats why I got a titanium ring - I only do silver but have recently branched out to brass hardware bags. Can't do the gold yet :sad:
  10. Forgot to mention, I love my Fryes too. Best boots ever. :heart::heart:
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