Totally vs Delightful vs Calvi

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  1. I currently own a monogram canvas montorgueil and neverfull, the older version and have my 30th birthday coming up. I can't decide between these 3 styles and neither whether to get in damier event or azur!! Help me by sharing these of you have purchased them. What style do you prefer? What color? What color lining?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Since you already have a tote I say the delightful - probably Azur but ebene is beautiful also.
  3. Is azur harder to maintain clean than ebene?
  4. Yes - it definitely is. Ebene is the most care free. With that said, some have had peeling/cracking issues with the trim in ebene on the delightful. It's a really beautiful bag, and LV will fix the trim issue of you have one. Alternatively, the Azur is gorgeous and no issues with the trim.
  5. Thanks! Decisions, decisions....
  6. Just purchased a Calvi. Classy and beautiful alone, but can add some bling.......LV bag charm. louis-vuitton-fleur-charms-more--M65111_PM2_Front view.jpg